I am 27 years old, programmers, this year, ruthlessly speaking: people who want to give learning technology! !

"Programmer can use technology to crossMiddle-age crisis? "

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Knowing this question, attracting a large number of yang, a hot praise said "Can, it is difficult". Because it is difficult to escape these two endings:

?NoEnthusiasm, technology, one, is eliminated.

?There is technology, 90% of companies do not need, and they are being eliminated.

Behind this phenomenon reflectsProgrammer’s technical and posts are highly monopoly,which is:

90% of resources are concentrated in 1% Internet company.

This also makes most of the programmers, and I have seen the end of the technology.

So how can the programmer touch the frontier technology, and successfully enter the job?

The high-paying technical position of the large factory is actually very clear:

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Simple summary is:High education is the foundation, and the actual experience is the core.

Then, double non-undergraduate / specialist, and without project experience, you can only repeat some additional deletions, sit and wait for the crisis?

of course not! ! !

2021 has a two full choice for its choice –Master of non-full daily computer!

BambooDon’t resign, use the weekend class, you can improve your degree;

BambooThe famous school is widely wide, the emerging technology laboratory project is you choose!

In order to let everyoneTargeting skills, higher levels of high paying posts higher, UnionFormer Baidu Algorithm Engineer Hu Shi, graduated from Tsinghua University, Liu ShuoExperts in the industry, specialized for workplace people –

"Master’s degree + hard core double-wing improvement training camp"

While planning the preparation plan, the scientific prediction technology trend, deep section large factory demand model, so that your career is impeccable!

Master of Computer + hard core technology

Double wing improvement training camp

0 foundationGold contentTwo-hand academic ability

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Master’s degree + hard core technology

youofThere is no future workplaceOfworry


Experience in advanced projects in colleges and universities, high-standard large-scale

Many universities follow technology development, set a large number of emerging majors, whileWith lab, advanced equipment and talents are set.This is also highly matched to chase the high-paying position of the front-edge technology.

Master of Computer contains multiple core courses and many elective courses, overwrittenComputer science, artificial intelligence, big dataWaiting for the direction.

For example: computer and software architecture; database; cloud computing; artificial intelligence; machine learning; data mining, social network analysis; natural and language processing; computer vision …


2 years to take a certificate, easy to transfer the job, and promote the salary increase

Successfully won the master’s degree in non-computers, you can graduate for twice for 2 years:Academic certificate + degree certificate, Learning network can check, national and institutions of recognition is quite high.

▲ National Policy Support

Under the double guarantee of the degree + professional ability, no matter what you are identified, which stage, you can easily achieve your back, hop, and promotional salary …

Tumber:System learning programming code, quickly replace professional track, cross-line high salary

Serving officers:Imprinted education, enhanced workplace competitiveness, promotion, salary increase, and more opportunities

Graduates:Strengthen the background of the bar, improve the physical ability of code, and the school is out


The goddess is high, completely get rid of the 35-year-old bottle neck

The high-speed development of the Internet affects all walks of life,Central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, government departmentsThe demand for computer talents is increasing, and the computer is once become a national examination, the public examination is the most popular professional.

However, it is not negligible.The system is more stringent for the academic qualifications.A little bit of position requires a master’s degree!

After obtaining the master’s degree, you will be qualified, there will be more initiatives on the selection, no need to worry about the 35-year-old crisis!


4-day training camp

WholeHelping you into "Shuo"!

In order to improve the academic qualifications, keep up with the pace of technology and the pace of the class, and start the 4-day course for the people in the workplace, and divided into "Education promotion class, ability to improve classTwo parts.

The famous teacher is accompanied, the targeted improvement, let you quickly promote the salary, and take less than a few years!


Deep analysis industry trend, 4 hot technology, you choose

In the ability to improve, Started the leader of the head of BAT, etc., opened Java, AI, Web, and CS, four major technology special:

? Java special:Java Development 3 years of annual salary 60W secret

? Ai special:High-paying AI algorithm engineer job hunting

WEB special:15 years ago, revealing "what hinders you into the big factory"

? CS special:Ali P7 solution "What is the value of R & D engineers"

Combined with industry trends, scientific prediction technology development direction, and analyze the relevant positional capacity models of the large factory.

Let you clearly understand future career development paths, GET big factory screens the resume sleeve, interview offer skill!


AI precision school selection professional, system development preparation plan

In the qualifications, Qingbei Schoolgres School sisters will join hands with Baidu algorithm engineers to interpret the latest policies of computer postgraduate research, trend prospects.

Cooperate with the Self-developed AI system, combined with data,Scientific estimation, ranking, comparisonFor you to choose the school choice.

In the later study, combine your own situation, for you.Develop exclusive preparation schemes, Scientific review, one hit!


Name Calligraphy + Technical Great God, bring you ability education double improvement

You will get in this training campA companion programming environment.

The famous teacher took the back, Use scientific memory methods to guide, help you digest and troubleshoot.

AnotherFour popular technical specials,Relevant field experts sitting in the town, combined with the needs of the big factory talents, let your job search are unimpeded!

Menist IV1 helps you scientific preparation


Pre-Baidu Senior R & D Engineer


Former Wave Information System Architect

"Technology Town" escorts you

AI Single

Postdoctoral Science Fund First-class

Executive study of artificial intelligence and cerebral calculation

JavaLiu Yaxiong

Internet Enterprise Architect & Administrative Senior Architect

Participate in the construction of Zhongguancun big data platform, etc.

WEB Yang Tao

15 years of senior front end


CS Li Chao

ACM Asia Silver Silver

Huawei senior research and development engineer


Trinity tracking service, strong technical atmosphere

As long as you sign up, you can harvest.Lecturer, assistant, class, three-person tracking service24h to answer questions for you.

At the same time, there is also from the four seas of the five lakes.Big cattle is a classmate, the technical atmosphere is strongI don’t make progress!

Fortunately, no one will help you push it!

Enjoy benefits to class

? Ai learning path data

? Java interview resume N copies + interview bau

?Let the interviewer’s front end resume content

? Baidu internal interview evaluation form

No need to spend money, Give yourself a Get school school degree + high-level skills!

If you are still in a wait-orual, don’t you sure if you want to test, or because of the difficulty of the exam, whether there is any problems such as the test, it is possible to register, please register, consult, maybe it will be open!

Come join us, and the same-minded small partner will have a group growth!

0 foundationGold contentTwo-hand academic ability

Fan discount! Only need0Yuan!

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Q & A;

Q: What is the specific curriculum content?

A: including, but not limited to: AI precision school choice + teacher 1V1 Q & A + professional class upgrade skills + political English high score cheats

Q: What is the way to class?