Beyond United Plus to create a green smart logistics forum

Modern logistics industry is a basic service industry that supports national economic development and is also popular in technology innovation and financial investment. As an industrial service and investment management company specializing in supply chain, big data and new energy sector, Posheng join hands with customers and ecological companies, practice sustainable development concepts, investing technology innovation, building a world-class green smart logistics foundation Facilities, achieve wisdom, zero carbonation operation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of modern logistics industry.

During the 2021 Beyond Expo, the Beyond Organizing Committee will jointly build the "Green Smart Logistics Forum". The "Green Wisdom Logistics" theme forum will be held at Beyond Macau Venetian Jinguang Exhibition Center on December 3rd 14: 30-17: 30.

At that time, Mr. Chen Zhi and Poshi, a vice chairman of Poshi and Plus Hidden Capital Management Partner Dong Zhu, will gather together with the founder and CEO of the head enterprises in the intelligence of smart logistics in Xianxong intelligence, surrounding Logistics and supply chain innovation and frontier technology sharing cave:

· How does artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of Things change the original logistics industry?

· Is the best logistics company must be a technology company?

· What are the subversive effects of logistics technology to improve efficiency?

· "Double Carbon" goals are opportunities for the logistics industry or challenge?

· Where is the next driving force for wisdom supply chain

The following is a forum agenda:

The Poshan Capital Management Partner Dong Huang has a profound insight in the field of large logistics and supply chain, and the frontier view of "Aiot redefined logistics" will be shared.

Dong wave

Hidden Capital Management Partner

"The application of core technology such as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence has changed the foundation element model of the industry. Robot, unmanned and artificial intelligence technology have contributed to the emergence of next-generation new logistics infrastructure. On the infrastructure Under the help of the application scenario, information, and financial two as a link, the logistics industry chain is redefined with the infrastructure, redefined with the infrastructure. "

About Pross

Pos is the world’s leading industrial service and investment management company that focuses on supply chain, big data and new energy sector. Combined with the expertise of investment and operation, Pross is committed to continuously creates value, business all over Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, USA and Vietnam, and asset management in the United States and Vietnam.

Posa in 68 markets, investment, development and management of more than 400 logistics warehousing, manufacturing and research and development, data centers and new energy infrastructure. As a leading alternative asset management agency, Pross’s asset management in China reached 72 billion US dollars, raised and running multiple special investment in China in China and outside the China. The Posen REIT is China’s first batch of public fundamental infrastructure REITS. First, it is also the first "warehousing logistics" infrastructure of the first "warehouse logistics" infrastructure.

Pos also took the lead in investing in technology and innovation, continuously upgrading science and technology and service capabilities, and builds a leading industrial service ecosystem. Through equity investment, financial science and technology and innovation, Plus leads the forefront of smart, constantly improving asset operation efficiency and enhance asset value.

Beyond International Science and Technology Innovation Expo 2021 has opened on November 9, continues to be held on the month of the month, and will be held on December 2-4 in the Macao Venetian Jinguang Exhibition Center, with scientific and technological innovation and technology to society. The influence is focus, focusing on technology, showing technology in various industries in today’s and future society.