Artificial intelligence communication management promotes healthy China construction in the grassroots

Recently, the "Make Ai Medical Temperature – Medical Artificial Intelligent Ecological Summit", the Tianxiao Medical Intelligent Ecological Summit, hosted by Anhui Province Health and Health Committee, and the Medical Artificial Intelligence Ecological Summit, Zhu Xuewu, Vice President of the First Municipal People’s Hospital.Territories in the county medical community mode.Zhang Xuewu said that the Shou City People’s Hospital relying on the slow disease management system created by Xunfei Medical and Artificial Intelligence Technology, innovating the slow disease management model, forming a complete set of accurate operation and service system, effectively improved the people of the cityHypertension, management standards, and control reagent rates of medical affairs, and promote the sector of the community into the new stage.

Corporate and cure the new ecology of digital slow disease management

Traditional disease diagnosis and treatment models are "diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up" process, hospital and community medical personnel are the main executors of slow disease management, undertake prevention, health, medical, rehabilitation, health, health in slow disease Education and other work. In traditional slow disease management links, the key to management is still relying on "people." However, in the face of increasing patients with slow disease, "people" obviously cannot meet huge management needs, which greatly affects the management effect of existing medical institutions. Although the new technology is endless, most of them are still in the traditional slow disease management model, and there is no nature of the root of slow disease lies in the development of the patient’s health habits, and the fundamental pain still exists.

Specifically, in 2018, the Shou City People’s Hospital of the world covers approximately 500,000 people, nearly 73,000 people in the tube high blood pressure, high blood pressure follow-up mission up to 290,000 per year, public health and family physician signing service Work is facing huge pressure, high blood pressure focus patients cannot achieve personalized, refined management, high-frequency interaction needs of hypertension patients cannot be met. In the face of urgent high blood pressure slow disease management, the first municipal people’s hospitals in the world started from realistic, with the kinetic energy, with the kinetic reform, relying on "Digital Medical Community", creatively cut manual intelligence into high blood pressure management. Work, in the case of the Slow Patient Machine Association, the hierarchical management mode innovation is another way.

Human coordinates for slow disease management. Lead by the Shou City People’s Hospital, using a hierarchical (county rural layering) classification (mild critical grading) slow disease management model, through intelligent wearable hardware real-time collection accurate health data, complete simple high-frequency management through artificial intelligence Tasks, including automatic health status assessment and grading for residents, and provide targeted health intervention programs, assisting grassroots doctors conduct classification classification management, enhances slow disease management efficiency and effect.

It is worth mentioning that the family doctor in the first mode of the slow disease management is only necessary to manually manage high-risk patients with poor blood pressure control; for patients with good compliance, the ideal of blood pressure control, passed the automatic telephone to collect patients, Use information such as medication, food movement, and conduct regular health education. The management of most hypertension patients is automatically completed by the system. It is effective to compensate for the shortage of the current grassroots general practitioners, enhance the normative nature of slow disease management, can realize the grading diagnosis and treatment of slow disease management, improve patient compliance, decrease For the threshold of the doctor, optimize medical diagnosis, thus enhance the treatment effect, improve the efficiency of medical resources, and truly realize the fineness, homogenization and systemization of slow disease management.

Medical defense integration management. This mode uses "medical insurance funds" to provide supporting funds and solve the problem of initial intelligent hardware capital investment in the way, through the consecutive sinister management of human-machinery, reducing the overall hospitalization rate of patients with cerebrovascular disease in hypertension And fees, realizing the double decline in the family and medical burden, and adopted the integrated assessment management of human property, realizing the financial expenditure, the balance of medical insurance, the balance of medical insurance, and the resident health level increases the three-in-one benign circulation.

At present, the slow disease management system created by slow disease management data based on artificial intelligence + large data platform has been first achieved. Since 2018, the first municipal people’s hospital in the world has been put on more than 7,000 intelligent blood pressure. In August 2021, the blood pressure reached the blood pressure ratio of patients in the tube was 72%, and the AI ??assistant automatically intervened 1.93 million times, nearly 3 years high. The total residential rate of blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases continued to decline, greatly alleviating the burden of chronic disease management of grassroots health institutions, enhanced the health level and satisfaction of residents, gaining a good social benefit; at the same time 2020 intelligent management group The annual average health insurance fund consumption is significantly lower than that of the control group, and it has also shown huge economic benefits. In addition, the first human championship and slow disease coordinating model has also been certified by Anhui Medical Science Research Institute and the University of Anhui Medical Sciences, and the high blood pressure intelligent management effect is remarkable.

The first slow disease management model relying on the leading artificial intelligence technology of Xunfei, liberates the slow disease ecology of "people" management, helping the grassroots medical institutions that have insufficient medical resources to increase management efficiency, and inspire the main chronic disease management from Hospitals to family full chain, all-round development potential, in series, relatively cut medical service scenes, form a stable doctor-patient relationship chain, effectively realize slow disease management from traditional single offline to the hospital attractions The way to transition to the line on the line, alleviate the size of the slow disease management population, more demand, the patient’s compliance is poor and the number of people in the patient’s group, the management and energy is limited, and the management specification has the contradiction between management.

Pragmatic innovation to help residents’ healthy life quality

The health management process of slow disease is a continuous, long-term process, and has a lot of life in many slow patients and families. Slow disease management "The Same Model" is a truth of the trial of medical care in innovative medical treatment, and empowering grassroots medical treatment.

Xunfei Medical With "Ai Medical Assistant to Each Doctor, the AI ??Health Assistant for everyone" is a mission, exploring the artificial intelligent innovation point of slow disease management, based on the cut-in point of high blood pressure management, and management of medical manual intelligence and slow disease management The medical scene depth fusion, the monitoring, prevention and grading hierarchical management process of slow disease management, achieving value medical care, gradually exploring the "boundary sample" of a seminated and reproducible slow disease management. In the future, Xunfei medical treatment will be in realizing the innovation of artificial intelligence to enrollment grassroots medical, promoting grading diagnosis and treatment system, and further efforts to effectively, promote medical labor intelligence in the medical field to create more powerful potential energy, create more close medical nature and The scenario solution of patient needs, enabling artificial intelligence technology to help millions of doctors, serving hundreds of millions of residents, truly become "Ai Medical Assistant Assistant to Each Doctor and Ai Health Assistant for everyone", continuously promoting healthy China construction in the grassroots Effectiveness. (Liu Wei)