And strength! The world’s first, the world’s first, first time, Sun Yat-sen has

As a first-class, internationally renowned modern comprehensive university, Zhongshan University ranked first phalanx domestic universities, always keep in mind is the beginning of the heart Mandate Party Yucai country educating people, the pursuit of excellence, progressive class, to create a country and the whole the world’s many "first." Push this issue, Xiao Bian take you part of the initiative of the school year –

R & D led by the world’s first eye Video Intelligence Technology sieve diagnosis of liver and gallbladder disease

January 26 this year, in a medical artificial intelligence platform to support innovative multi-disciplinary cooperation of Zhongshan University, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center by the school (head of Lin Hao Tim) and the Third Affiliated Hospital (head of Zhongyue Si) co-led international multi-center research project, for the first time developed a video screen through the eyes of hepatobiliary disease diagnosis and evaluation of technical systems, published in the top international journal the Lancet Digital Health.

This research work has been highly praised domestic and foreign counterparts, the medical director of a large international well-known medical institutions from Mayo Medical Group (Mayo Clinic) and hepatobiliary chief expert Professor Vijay H Shah made a comment earlier praised "this timely study and important, innovative artificial intelligence technology to guide the cooperation of different disciplines, and produce a new era of medical technology. "

Construction of Xinjiang, China, the first national regional medical center

On May 13 this year, the People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the Sun Yat-sen University signed a joint agreement in Urumqi, and both parties will jointly build the first national regional medical center of Nanjiang (National Regional Medical Center).

The center will rely on the integrated strength of SMS University of Shengshan University and the advantages of clinical research, talent training, technical transformation, technical radiation, and management demonstration, and promotion, and promotion of the development of talent training, technical transformation, technology radiation and management demonstration. The improvement of medical service levels, protecting Xinjiang, especially the lives of all ethnic groups in Nanjiang, and health.

Domestic design is the largest, and the highest integrated science test of the highest performance.

On June 26th, Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. was officially delivered in Shanghai, and opened its marine science test. It is called "Marine Lab", Ocean Research Platform and Talent Cultivation Base, which is the "Sunshan University" of my country ‘s Ocean Comprehensive Science Exam. At 9 o’clock in the morning of November 21, "Sun Yat-sen University" is the assistance of two brief ships, and it is entered into Beach.

"Sun Yat-sen University" is currently the largest design of the ocean integrated scientific test in China, the most comprehensive scientific performance of the comprehensive science test, has multiple research functions such as detection, sampling, experiment, and has multiple "first" in China: first shot Full-swirling permanent magnetic low noise propeller, first mounted permanent magnet roller edge push and tunnel side push cover, first equipped with Di-generating row, energy storage battery, changed speed generator, first equipped with full speed initiative Watching and so on.

The world’s first example of "no ischemic" heart transplant success

On July 16 this year, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University held a press conference, officially announced the success of the world’s first "no ischemic" heart transplant surgery, this is the hospital’s first "no ischemic" organ transplantation technique in liver transplantation. After kidney transplantation, it is first applied to the field of heart transplantation. At the same time, the surgery achieved the whole process without interruption, the heart is not stopping.

At the world’s first "no ischemic" heart transplant press conference, Deputy Minister of the Original Ministry, Chinese Human Organ Donation and Huang Quan, Director of the Transplant Committee, sent a congratulations, he said that the Affiliated First Hospital has always been my country’s organ donation And the first army of transplantation, this heart transplant is successful, proves that the maturity and innovation of "no ischemic" organ transplantation technology, hopes to continue to make persistent efforts to China’s organ transplant technology to the world stage peak to make new Contribution.

Completion of the world’s first ophthalmology multi-disease artificial intelligence real world research

On July 27 this year, Lin Haotian, Lin Hao, Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center, Sun Yat-sen University, as the last corporate, team backbone Lin Wei, the acticor, as the first author, led the joint eagle AirdoC, Guangdong Medical and equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and other domestic and foreign health care , Enterprises and scientific research institutions have completed the world’s first ophthalmology multi-disease manual intelligence real world research, exploring the evaluation and supervision strategy before the clinical application of artificial intelligent medical equipment products, Research results "Application of Complication of Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Retinal Expert (CARE) SYSTEM : a National Real-World Evidence Study published in International Top Journals The Lancet Digital Health.

The World Authority of the Top Ten Top Ten Research Universities in the United States, the World Authoritative Image Diagnostic Center, director of the Wisconsin University, Rating this work as "marking the correct development direction of medical artificial intelligence research." The project team already has a series of technical patents and obtained the first ophthalmological intelligent software III medical device product registration certificate issued by the National Drug Administration.

Carry out the first line of immunotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in international multi-center

In August of this year, the International Top Academic Journal "Nature – Medicine" published Xu Ruihua, a Professor of Xu Ruihua, a Cancer Prevention Center of Sun Yat-sen University, a second-line treatment of transduction or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma III period (Jupiter- 02 Research) The latest research results.

The Jupiter-02 study by Professor Xu Ruihua is currently the most common type of nasopharyngeal carcinoma immunotherapy at the global sample size. This is the first international multi-center, random, double blind, placebo-controlled recurrence / metastasis. Clinical study. In recent years, Professor Xu Ruihua has long been scientifically scientifically on a long time around recurrence or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma. New research is expected to change the clinical practice of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and have received wide concern academic community.

my country’s first national spatial gravitational wave detection research institution was established

On September 26th, the National Aerospace Bureau was established at the Zhuhai Campus Tianqin Center, the Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University. This is the first national spatial gravory wave detection research institution in China. The center was founded by the National Aerospace Bureau, relying on the construction and operation of Sun Yat-sen University. Sun Yat-sen University ushered in a heavyweight "national brand plaque".

The National Aerospace Bureau will focus on significant strategic needs in the field of national space sectors, based on the solid research foundation in the field of gravitational experiments and gravitation wave detection, system development of gravitational wave front, development series test satellite platform and detection load technology, organize domestic power Together, my country’s space gravitational wave detection, accelerate basic research innovation and strategic technological innovation in the field of space and technology, and create favorable conditions and resources for my country’s development of international frontier science and technology.

Thick people’s national conditions, bear the national mission, Zhongshan University concentrated power to solve the research problem of "card neck", help Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao District Science and Technology Innovation Center construction, service national innovation and driving development strategy, contribute to the strength of Science and Technology!

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