Is Xiaomi 12 far away? Online spy photos exposure, Snapdragon 898?

Said, the recent mobile phone circle is also quiet. As a small rice in the topic, it has begun to low-profile. Since the release of the red rice Note11 series last month, there is no new machine release, on the occasion of the two 12 It’s still so silent, it seems to be a small meter style.

At this time, OPPO quietly brought home Reno series iterative new reno 7. This release new machine has not been avoided too fast, and the time released by the previous generation of products is only half a year ago, two generations of mobile phones seem to Become a tacit understanding of many mobile phone manufacturers, such as the previous red rice Note series, and the upcoming glory digital series, it is estimated that they are preparing to compete for the market.

Recently, the new flagship processor that has already begun out of the Snapdragon’s new flagship processor. As a mobile phone manufacturer of the Snapdragon flagship processor, the mobile phone series, Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi digital series flagship, will also start surface, That is, it is quite expected Xiaomi 12 series.

At present, there are two related rendering pictures or spy photos exposures on Xiaomi 12 online:

One is the spy photos of Xiaomi 12 Ultra, and the rear uses a large camera module, accounting for almost half of the back of the phone, which makes obsessive-compulsive disorder are a bit anxious, but also show 120 times longer focus words. And also printed with the words "NASA", this is not meant to shoot space? The design continues, but the change is also very large, canceled the secondary screen, gives more positions to the camera module, the credibility does not seem high. User comments, this is a mobile phone installed on the camera.

Second, the second is the rendering map of Xiaomi 12 series. From the exposed picture, Xiaomi 12 series is designed to maintain a similar style, but from the rendering map or see the difference in design, the most obvious is millet 12 Ultra’s secondary screen area seems to be large, almost five-five open, so that the role of the secondary screen is even greater, the credibility seems to be higher.

In contrast, the second group seems to have a higher credibility, and such a design will be a representative of the millet digital series. Such millet mobile phones will be more recognized, and the configuration is not unexpected. It is the ceiling of the Android phone, the most critical. Of course, about Xiaomi 12 is actually more concerned about the optimization of the system. After all, Xiaomi 11 series is a "system" loss. What do you think?

Are you expected to release the Xiaomi 12 Series?