1.7 billion yuan, China TOP 6 smart transportation management application solution market share: thousands of technology, Yinjiang shares, Hisense network, central control information, Yi Huadi, Elect

On November 26, 2021, IDC released the "Smart Transport Management Application Level Solution Market Share, 2020" report, the total market is 1.7 billion yuan, main players are still based on players in the field of traditional traffic information.

Among them, the domestic industry digital solutions and large data service providers have dominated by 17% of the city and accounting;

Focusing on the Yinjiang shares operated with the city brain ranks second;

Hisense Network, a traffic control cloud brain solution built around the cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence as the core, accounting for nearly 10% of market share, ranking third.

IDC Chinese Government Industry and Smart City Research Group Research Manager Zhan Mei said: "In the smart transportation management application level solution market of urban roads in China, traditional transportation information technology leading companies still dominates. But with the development of geographic information technology Mature, traffic on space information is gradually expanded, and companies with map data processing and services can also be divided into a cup, and are constantly expanding the market boundary. On the other hand, the road coordination, intelligent network, cloud computing and other technologies Constantly evolving, there is a great improvement of information perception and data analysis in the field of smart transportation, which is also the biggest market opportunity in the future. "