Elantra, Sylphy, Civic, who was first a young smart car?

1992, science fiction writer Neal Stephenson first coined the term "meta-universe" in the novel "avalanche" in. After a lapse of 30 years, with the 5G communications, AR, VR, MR, artificial intelligence, networking, block chain, big data, cloud computing, wearable devices and other applications to the underlying technology to mature, the universe became possible with the inevitable yuan .

2021 Facebook changed its name to Meta win the heat, Roblox listed stocks rose outbreak byte beating acquisitions, investments frequently shot, Microsoft, Nvidia and other technology giants have the layout, even Overheating are declared official business approach, "meta-universe" completely out of the fire laps.

"Yuan Universe" across the virtual world and the real world, the fall in the automotive sector for the industrial digital transition. In fact, the underlying technology of the constituent elements of the universe, most of them have very important applications in intelligent network-linked vehicles. In the accelerated evolution of intelligent vehicle cabin, you can get a glimpse of the universe yuan more distant future. Today we have with the domestic A-class market, the intelligent network with high profile seventh generation Elantra, 2022 Sylphy, the tenth generation Civic, for example, parsing smart car has a "meta-universe" prototype.

The seventh-generation Elantra

Intelligent voice control,The seventh-generation Elantra want you to think

Intelligent interaction is an important step into the world of the universe yuan. The seventh-generation Elantra equipped with third-generation intelligent network systems, voice-controlled precision alternative to manual operation, considerate think what you want. It DuerOS intelligent voice interaction function has a strong and extremely flexible language recognition, just a simple scene of instruction, you can easily achieve demand. For example, you say, "Hello, Beijing Hyundai, I’m sleepy," Elantra will open the windows to let the cool wind blow. In addition, users can control functionality achieved through mutual family car in the car control smart appliances, home or vehicle control by voice and other operations, easily achieve multi-space interaction, IQ and EQ are very high.

The seventh-generation Elantra intelligent cockpit

2022 Sylphy also has intelligent voice control function, but compared with the seventh-generation Elantra, its intelligent voice control will not seem so smart, it can be awakened by a voice, but did not understand the complex needs can only understand simple instruction. If you say "I’m hungry", it would only reply, "I’m sorry, I do not understand what you are saying." And if it is the seventh-generation Elantra, it will automatically search for hotels near past and asks if you want to navigate. After the tenth generation Civic equipped with Honda’s latest upgrade of Honda CONNECT 3.0 Chilean guide interconnected system, improve the previous lack of a voice interaction by voice operation of the navigation and multimedia systems, but there are still gaps in the Elantra intelligent recognition.

Civic cockpit

Smart Entertainment cockpit,The seventh-generation ElantraMore like infotainmentInteractive vector

As virtual reality and multi-scene fusion vector value, yuan deposits social universe, content, entertainment, office and so on, it is seen as the next era of opportunity. Future, after fully automatic drive, the user can liberate hands and feet, will have more energy to pursue and entertainment scene.

The seventh-generation Elantra Online Entertainment Services

The seventh-generation Elantra is equipped with third-generation intelligent network system will be able to make the cabin a certain extent become infotainment carrier, has become the entertainment scene extension of the user’s "third space." It not only combines the convenience of highly intelligent voice interactive features, the car home mutual control, BLE Bluetooth shared keys and mobile phone remote control cars and other functions, also comes with music QQ, Baidu map, listen with other commonly used APP, users can be online in the car listening to music, listen to e-books, listening to the radio news, etc., and these features will be in different scenarios, we will recommend different content to listen to the driver. Such as when to get up early traffic jam, would recommend the morning news, stock market information, etc; way home from get off work will play soothing music, is not only a travel tool, but also help driver dispel the long journey of boring. In addition, the Elantra is equipped with a double piece of wisdom 10.25 inches screen, display the information content and more colorful.

Sylphy cockpit

2022 Sylphy in annual facelift in key areas to improve the intelligent configuration, the updated online entertainment also synchronized on-line, but need to purchase an additional package of value-added services, inadequate cost-effective compared with the Elantra. Tenth generation Civic car entertainment system has also done a lift, a telephone, Bluetooth, FM, music, USB and other options, there are CarLife can be connected to mobile phones capable of playing music, there is cell phone, also more convenient. But nowhere near the Civic networking seventh generation Elantra rich application can be used to spend time in traffic jams are also very small, not to mention the recommended content based on listening to the environment. And seventh-generation Elantra compared Civic in terms of infotainment, etc., needs to be done.

The seventh-generation Elantra

Although the yuan is only present in the universe conceived them, but it is undeniable, as technology advances, more and more human vision is a step into reality. In the future, as a "third space" smart car, probably will become an important entrance yuan universe. After comparing more than three cars, we can also see the seventh generation Elantra has already become an important carrier connected smart person and life, not only in order to bring full convenience and security guarantees in the driving process, but also intelligent all-pass network of life, the universe can be described as the closest young yuan car.