Most speaking people find that PLC is basically white, why?

Most people find that the learning of PLC is basically white, can’t write project procedures, why?

Many beginners have learned a long time PLC but still will not write project procedures. Some people have learned how to write a complete project program; some people spend time, spending costs The online training class is going to learn, still don’t learn, why?

The reason is as follows:

The first one: I’m self-study, many beginners usually learn is scattered, no system, can’t be a system! I saw a little here, I saw a little tomorrow, not to say this is not good, which is also a most effective way to accumulate basic knowledge. But our purpose is not to cultivate sentiment, if it is cultivating sentiment, this thing is not as good as lyric prose. We only have one for the purpose of PLC, which is to improve your work skills, improve your job position, improve your work salary, reduce your work strength, let your work have technical content. To achieve our expectation, you must use it! If you don’t do this, those things that spend time in front of you are zero, it’s better to see the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and there is still a big truth that people in people.

There is also the learning content itself has nothing to do with the project procedures. Some people have not done a project in their lives. I don’t know how the project is written. Holding the relay circuit breaker than teaching you how to write the program, the selected route is wrong, the result is natural To zero. Maybe you said that I don’t care, I am a scholar, this is another matter.

The second: looking for training courses, spending a big price and sacrifice the personal time to "professional" training class to learn a month, and always think that the bronze is changed to the king. After I got it, I found that I didn’t think about it. The money came back and found that I didn’t have any differences before, or I can’t live! I don’t have to go through the training institution and don’t understand the truth. Select training institutions to polish their eyes, and some automated training institutions will purchase my project procedures. I was surprised at the time, I thought for more than 10 years, known as the gold automated training institution, how to connect their own system project procedures? Do you want agency that he can train you? Has the program holding someone else? Some people have come to the training class, even a complete drawing, the complete project did not see, it is listening to others to read PPT, writing a few small procedures, that the result can be known. Before going to find it clearly, if you just explain the basic instructions, we can see the instruction manual. Now there are a lot of tutorials about explaining the instruction usage. We can learn while work, why not? Our purpose is to be able to do project procedures independently. It must be to learn to write a systematic, full architecture project procedure.

Third: Looking for a big god, there are not many procedures that can be fully absorbed by beginners. Those gods have used their big gods, and the procedures use complex logic, advanced languages, advanced algorithms, (special Except for the function of people, it is very powerful and high, but it is better to see what our beginners can’t see it. What is it used? It is the most simple instruction to achieve the most stable control with the simplest instructions, the easiest way, and is the most powerful procedure. What’s more, the big gods you don’t understand, you don’t understand.

Then the above three endings are the same, waste time, waste, bamboo basket, water. The effective purpose of our Learning PLC is actual application; the direction is also clear, that is, it is possible to do project procedures independently. Many people have seen the project procedure, but I don’t know how a set of project procedures wrote it. You see someone else’s procedures and yourself write it entirely two concepts. You look like very simple, really when you do it. After discovering that the hand is helpless, the phase difference is 100,000 thousand miles, one is the sky is on the ground. What is the most important thing for beginners to know is how a set of frame structures? If you know this formation process, it is very big for your learning help.

Our beginners are eager to be able to take care of hand, how did this project program are written? !

In view of this, I organize a group of teaching video, the player’s live explanation, the writing procedure is speaking, and it is a complete, full-featured, stable operational equipment program! Contains running commissioning! So don’t worry if there is a problem, there will be debugging the process behind! Moreover, it is true that I am using the model of the template framework in the actual work project, I am relieved to learn, definitely help! ! !

OK smart learning machine, let the child can learn easily at home

After the "Double Reduction Policy", the state encourages to reduce the burden, but with the increase in textbooks, the difficulty increases, the learning rhythm is getting fast … so that the pressure of learning itself is still existed, especially the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination.

Before the double minus, the parents anxiously sent their children to the school training institution tutor, enhanced scores or to maintain scores; after double reduction, did not understand in schools, students either understand themselves after class, or put it regardless of them; After the double reduction, the parents’ anxiety seems to be unrecognizable, and the online training class and the online live broadcast class have been cut, after the double reduction policy, the school, we should think about how to improve the child’s own self-learning ability.

In fact, with the continuous improvement of technology, we can use professional intelligent learning machine to assist children ‘s learning. The learning machine is not alternative to the complex counseling of parents, but let the child’s learning is no longer passive, adding children to learn interest Improve the self-learning ability at home, use artificial intelligent big data technology to learn the child’s learning truly burden, let the children experience the fun of learning, after many partial comparison tests, I recommend OK smart learning machine.

A large functional highlight of the OK smart learning machine is the magic shot. The job encountered will not use the "magic shot" to gently locate the job problem, find the weak knowledge behind the wrong question. Different, the "Takeshou" tool of the inerting student thinking with the current double-reduction policy is different, the "Magic Photo" function uses big data to realize the intelligent match of the title label and knowledge label, by diagnosis and analysis, presence Children need to explicitly strengthen the knowledge points of learning, and achieve the ability to help children look weak and find the root cause of the problem.

The same misunderstanding of the child, I believe this is also a difficult problem that has been plaguing many parents. In the study, the topic of children is usually not a matter of understanding of knowledge. Similarly, the new OK smart learning machine carries the AI ??science class, and the intellectual class can be understood as intelligent approval, data capture, learning interaction, using the digital resources formation of rich media resources such as micro-class, exercises, courseware, one Aspects, can be accurately pushing courses for people because of people; on the other hand, they can accurately adjust the content and rhythm of the master of the master, so that the child is accurate to learn from the knowledge points you will not.

In general, the OK smart learning machine is recommended by Ai intelligent recommendation, letting children practice the content of ourselves according to their own master, and gradually overcome weak knowledge points. When the child doesn’t understand, when the class needs to be strengthened, the AI ??science can guide the child to learn to solve the learning problem.

OK Smart Learning Machine, bringing wisdom to the child, and achieves increasing and efficiency, making the class after class have truly supplemented the classroom.