OK smart learning machine, let the child can learn easily at home

After the "Double Reduction Policy", the state encourages to reduce the burden, but with the increase in textbooks, the difficulty increases, the learning rhythm is getting fast … so that the pressure of learning itself is still existed, especially the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination.

Before the double minus, the parents anxiously sent their children to the school training institution tutor, enhanced scores or to maintain scores; after double reduction, did not understand in schools, students either understand themselves after class, or put it regardless of them; After the double reduction, the parents’ anxiety seems to be unrecognizable, and the online training class and the online live broadcast class have been cut, after the double reduction policy, the school, we should think about how to improve the child’s own self-learning ability.

In fact, with the continuous improvement of technology, we can use professional intelligent learning machine to assist children ‘s learning. The learning machine is not alternative to the complex counseling of parents, but let the child’s learning is no longer passive, adding children to learn interest Improve the self-learning ability at home, use artificial intelligent big data technology to learn the child’s learning truly burden, let the children experience the fun of learning, after many partial comparison tests, I recommend OK smart learning machine.

A large functional highlight of the OK smart learning machine is the magic shot. The job encountered will not use the "magic shot" to gently locate the job problem, find the weak knowledge behind the wrong question. Different, the "Takeshou" tool of the inerting student thinking with the current double-reduction policy is different, the "Magic Photo" function uses big data to realize the intelligent match of the title label and knowledge label, by diagnosis and analysis, presence Children need to explicitly strengthen the knowledge points of learning, and achieve the ability to help children look weak and find the root cause of the problem.

The same misunderstanding of the child, I believe this is also a difficult problem that has been plaguing many parents. In the study, the topic of children is usually not a matter of understanding of knowledge. Similarly, the new OK smart learning machine carries the AI ??science class, and the intellectual class can be understood as intelligent approval, data capture, learning interaction, using the digital resources formation of rich media resources such as micro-class, exercises, courseware, one Aspects, can be accurately pushing courses for people because of people; on the other hand, they can accurately adjust the content and rhythm of the master of the master, so that the child is accurate to learn from the knowledge points you will not.

In general, the OK smart learning machine is recommended by Ai intelligent recommendation, letting children practice the content of ourselves according to their own master, and gradually overcome weak knowledge points. When the child doesn’t understand, when the class needs to be strengthened, the AI ??science can guide the child to learn to solve the learning problem.

OK Smart Learning Machine, bringing wisdom to the child, and achieves increasing and efficiency, making the class after class have truly supplemented the classroom.