OK smart learning machine, let the child can learn easily at home

After the "Double Reduction Policy", the state encourages to reduce the burden, but with the increase in textbooks, the difficulty increases, the learning rhythm is getting fast … so that the pressure of learning itself is still existed, especially the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination.

Before the double minus, the parents anxiously sent their children to the school training institution tutor, enhanced scores or to maintain scores; after double reduction, did not understand in schools, students either understand themselves after class, or put it regardless of them; After the double reduction, the parents’ anxiety seems to be unrecognizable, and the online training class and the online live broadcast class have been cut, after the double reduction policy, the school, we should think about how to improve the child’s own self-learning ability.

In fact, with the continuous improvement of technology, we can use professional intelligent learning machine to assist children ‘s learning. The learning machine is not alternative to the complex counseling of parents, but let the child’s learning is no longer passive, adding children to learn interest Improve the self-learning ability at home, use artificial intelligent big data technology to learn the child’s learning truly burden, let the children experience the fun of learning, after many partial comparison tests, I recommend OK smart learning machine.

A large functional highlight of the OK smart learning machine is the magic shot. The job encountered will not use the "magic shot" to gently locate the job problem, find the weak knowledge behind the wrong question. Different, the "Takeshou" tool of the inerting student thinking with the current double-reduction policy is different, the "Magic Photo" function uses big data to realize the intelligent match of the title label and knowledge label, by diagnosis and analysis, presence Children need to explicitly strengthen the knowledge points of learning, and achieve the ability to help children look weak and find the root cause of the problem.

The same misunderstanding of the child, I believe this is also a difficult problem that has been plaguing many parents. In the study, the topic of children is usually not a matter of understanding of knowledge. Similarly, the new OK smart learning machine carries the AI ??science class, and the intellectual class can be understood as intelligent approval, data capture, learning interaction, using the digital resources formation of rich media resources such as micro-class, exercises, courseware, one Aspects, can be accurately pushing courses for people because of people; on the other hand, they can accurately adjust the content and rhythm of the master of the master, so that the child is accurate to learn from the knowledge points you will not.

In general, the OK smart learning machine is recommended by Ai intelligent recommendation, letting children practice the content of ourselves according to their own master, and gradually overcome weak knowledge points. When the child doesn’t understand, when the class needs to be strengthened, the AI ??science can guide the child to learn to solve the learning problem.

OK Smart Learning Machine, bringing wisdom to the child, and achieves increasing and efficiency, making the class after class have truly supplemented the classroom.

Scientists show the potential of demand response in reducing carbon dioxide emissions

The new artificial intelligence framework estimates the potential of demand response in improving power consumption and reducing carbon footprints. Source: Guangzhou Science and Technology College

The grid is almost too large and cannot meet the short-term surge in energy demand. Simply put, the power station needs to have excess generators to provide electricity during peak hours. This mismatch between this power supply and the inefficient operation of the power station have led to higher carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, increasingly popular distributed energy, such as roof solar panels, only exacerbate supply and demand.

Fortunately, communication technology provides a smart policy to solve this problem: demand response (DR) program. In this scenario, the user is encouraged to reduce electricity at peak hours by reducing the electricity price other than the peak time and in advance. In addition, they can be integrated with distributed energy management to reduce the load of the grid when necessary.

However, there are very few research attention to the potential benefits of using the real user behavior data assessment DR program. To this end, Scientists of the Guangzhou Science and Technology Research Institute have developed a new method based on artificial intelligence (AI), which analyzes and extracts the behavior of grid users based on energy consumption of each household. Their papers were published in "IEEE Transactions On Smart Grid), the author describes a data-driven framework that estimates the best disaster relief management of each family, considering User home appliances and behavior patterns, as well as predictive power generation of distributed energy.

Researchers test their model by simulating data in real world. "In our simulation, we consider and quantify the degree of user discomfort related to household appliance dynamics, and then use it to estimate the best disaster-disaster potential," Professor JINO KIM "Professor Leaders explained. The research team also calculated the potential contribution of the disaster preparation program in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and managing coal-fired generators.

In summary, this study shows how to use artificial intelligence to improve our power consumption, achieve lower prices and smaller carbon footprints. Professor Gold emphasizes: "Analysis based on big data can convert family energy demand information to large-scale comprehensive resources." "We believe this technology will further expand to improve the efficiency and coupling of other departments, including water, heat , Gas and electric car sector. "

We certainly hope that his ideal is achieved soon.

Elantra, Sylphy, Civic, who was first a young smart car?

1992, science fiction writer Neal Stephenson first coined the term "meta-universe" in the novel "avalanche" in. After a lapse of 30 years, with the 5G communications, AR, VR, MR, artificial intelligence, networking, block chain, big data, cloud computing, wearable devices and other applications to the underlying technology to mature, the universe became possible with the inevitable yuan .

2021 Facebook changed its name to Meta win the heat, Roblox listed stocks rose outbreak byte beating acquisitions, investments frequently shot, Microsoft, Nvidia and other technology giants have the layout, even Overheating are declared official business approach, "meta-universe" completely out of the fire laps.

"Yuan Universe" across the virtual world and the real world, the fall in the automotive sector for the industrial digital transition. In fact, the underlying technology of the constituent elements of the universe, most of them have very important applications in intelligent network-linked vehicles. In the accelerated evolution of intelligent vehicle cabin, you can get a glimpse of the universe yuan more distant future. Today we have with the domestic A-class market, the intelligent network with high profile seventh generation Elantra, 2022 Sylphy, the tenth generation Civic, for example, parsing smart car has a "meta-universe" prototype.

The seventh-generation Elantra

Intelligent voice control,The seventh-generation Elantra want you to think

Intelligent interaction is an important step into the world of the universe yuan. The seventh-generation Elantra equipped with third-generation intelligent network systems, voice-controlled precision alternative to manual operation, considerate think what you want. It DuerOS intelligent voice interaction function has a strong and extremely flexible language recognition, just a simple scene of instruction, you can easily achieve demand. For example, you say, "Hello, Beijing Hyundai, I’m sleepy," Elantra will open the windows to let the cool wind blow. In addition, users can control functionality achieved through mutual family car in the car control smart appliances, home or vehicle control by voice and other operations, easily achieve multi-space interaction, IQ and EQ are very high.

The seventh-generation Elantra intelligent cockpit

2022 Sylphy also has intelligent voice control function, but compared with the seventh-generation Elantra, its intelligent voice control will not seem so smart, it can be awakened by a voice, but did not understand the complex needs can only understand simple instruction. If you say "I’m hungry", it would only reply, "I’m sorry, I do not understand what you are saying." And if it is the seventh-generation Elantra, it will automatically search for hotels near past and asks if you want to navigate. After the tenth generation Civic equipped with Honda’s latest upgrade of Honda CONNECT 3.0 Chilean guide interconnected system, improve the previous lack of a voice interaction by voice operation of the navigation and multimedia systems, but there are still gaps in the Elantra intelligent recognition.

Civic cockpit

Smart Entertainment cockpit,The seventh-generation ElantraMore like infotainmentInteractive vector

As virtual reality and multi-scene fusion vector value, yuan deposits social universe, content, entertainment, office and so on, it is seen as the next era of opportunity. Future, after fully automatic drive, the user can liberate hands and feet, will have more energy to pursue and entertainment scene.

The seventh-generation Elantra Online Entertainment Services

The seventh-generation Elantra is equipped with third-generation intelligent network system will be able to make the cabin a certain extent become infotainment carrier, has become the entertainment scene extension of the user’s "third space." It not only combines the convenience of highly intelligent voice interactive features, the car home mutual control, BLE Bluetooth shared keys and mobile phone remote control cars and other functions, also comes with music QQ, Baidu map, listen with other commonly used APP, users can be online in the car listening to music, listen to e-books, listening to the radio news, etc., and these features will be in different scenarios, we will recommend different content to listen to the driver. Such as when to get up early traffic jam, would recommend the morning news, stock market information, etc; way home from get off work will play soothing music, is not only a travel tool, but also help driver dispel the long journey of boring. In addition, the Elantra is equipped with a double piece of wisdom 10.25 inches screen, display the information content and more colorful.

Sylphy cockpit

2022 Sylphy in annual facelift in key areas to improve the intelligent configuration, the updated online entertainment also synchronized on-line, but need to purchase an additional package of value-added services, inadequate cost-effective compared with the Elantra. Tenth generation Civic car entertainment system has also done a lift, a telephone, Bluetooth, FM, music, USB and other options, there are CarLife can be connected to mobile phones capable of playing music, there is cell phone, also more convenient. But nowhere near the Civic networking seventh generation Elantra rich application can be used to spend time in traffic jams are also very small, not to mention the recommended content based on listening to the environment. And seventh-generation Elantra compared Civic in terms of infotainment, etc., needs to be done.

The seventh-generation Elantra

Although the yuan is only present in the universe conceived them, but it is undeniable, as technology advances, more and more human vision is a step into reality. In the future, as a "third space" smart car, probably will become an important entrance yuan universe. After comparing more than three cars, we can also see the seventh generation Elantra has already become an important carrier connected smart person and life, not only in order to bring full convenience and security guarantees in the driving process, but also intelligent all-pass network of life, the universe can be described as the closest young yuan car.

Ou Pai home work together to set intelligence control with digital equipment asset integrated control to promote the construction of Ou Pai Ai factory


Ou Pai home work together to set intellectual control depth cooperation

Recently, domestic famous home brand Ou Pai Home Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ou Pai Home") once again selection to sign Guangdong Zhongzhi Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "intellectual control") for equipment EAM system partners This is another extension of both parties in the field of equipment asset management control, and is also one of the embodies of the European home in implementing the "European Manufacturing 2025" strategy.

In 2015, the Ou Pai officially launched the "European Manufacturing 2025" strategy, integrating the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence manufacturing, through digitally opening, research and development, production, manufacturing, logistics and transportation, etc., " That is, the AI ??plant era of manufacturing, manufacturing, is serviced. The European AI factory catenched information in the internal and efficient closed-loop, automatic connection management marketing, manufacturing, administrative management platform, solving the management of operational processes, complex production materials, and reaching the full-term information production process of machine command machine To achieve intelligent, informationization, and personalized large-scale custom production.


Both parties to build equipment management digital platform

In order to ensure the stable operation of the AI ??plant, the intelligent production of the machine commander is reached, and the safe and reliable machinery equipment is premised. As a leader of the industry, the leader of the industry, the European home is well versed. On the edition of the machine equipment integrated control, Ou Pai House is beginning to set up intellectual control to construct an EAM system-based group equipment information management platform. The platform has been accessible to various foreign plants such as: air compressors, vacuum cleaners, etc. The main functions of the device management platform include device data acquisition, open-hand time statistics, device status display, device alarm EAM trigger, etc. In the total control room, it can be controlled that monitoring each of the central vacuum cleaning equipment including multiple production base buildings, and the real-time operational data and operational status of each central vacuuming device, fault alarm, etc. can be remotely monitored in the total control room. And automatically record, permanently store the device to run data.

Statistics show that Ou Pai House is in implementing the intellectual control equipment management system for one year, the key equipment failure rate is reduced, and the failure rate is lower than the industry average. After three years of operation, the key equipment failure rate is lower than that in the global industry. The reduction in equipment failure rate is not only labor costs, the reduction in maintenance costs, but more importantly, it has improved the production efficiency and economic benefits of enterprises.

The European Home Group has four major production bases. Each production base has several workshops, the area of ??the workshop is large, and the public equipment in the workshop is equally important. All devices need multiple inspections every day, consuming a lot of artificial and time costs. When the equipment has problems, the inspector sometimes cannot discover in time, and it will affect the normal production of the workshop. The intellation equipment management system, break the regional barrier and time-space limit, realize the construction goals of multi-base collaborative production, intelligent manufacturing system support, fully release the magnification, superposition and multiplication effect of digital development.

As a service provider of more than 20 years of experience in the integrated management of equipment asset, the intellectual control will continue to do our best to do this project, providing equipment control technology and service support for European family, diversified development needs, and helps Ou Pai home To achieve higher security, higher reliability, higher operational efficiency and higher return on investment. For the "three horses and one car" in the European home group, a new advantage of the competition of the enterprise competition in the digital age.


About Ou Pai Home

Ou Pai Home was established in 1994, stock code 603833, company mainly engaged in the personal design, development, production, sales, installation and interior decoration services of the whole house custom home product, providing consumers with one-stop home design plan, high quality products Configuration and user-friendly home integrated service, product covers the whole kitchen cabinet, custom wardrobe, overall wooden door, custom bathroom, soft installation and other whole house custom products. The company has four major production bases in China, and the products sell well in 118 countries and regions around the world. European home is a "China Famous Brand Product" and "China Famous Trademark" in China. In 2016, in 2017, in 2018, the company was selected for 3 consecutive years. In 2018, the 2018 Ou Pai has ranked 169th China brand worth 500. . In the third quarter of 2021, the company realized the total operating income of 14.402 billion yuan, an increase of 47.99% year-on-year.


About the intellectual control

Getting the trust and affirmation of the industrial warpa home, means that in the field of home appliances, drugs, food and other light industrial industries, the intelligence industry is also recognized in the field manufacturing field while approved by many industrial sectors. In the establishment of intellectual controls, it has been more than 20 years of industrial service field with hundreds of domestic leading software products and excellent industry solutions, and a large amount of wisdom control + application scenarios are precipitated. The intellectual intelligence control has always defined the "integrity and innovation" as the two major duties of the enterprise, and continues to deepen the core of ACCM theory as the core. It is committed to improving the innovation capacity of national manufacturing, promoting the depth integration of informationization and industrialization, strengthening industrial basic capabilities, and promotes Traditional manufacturing enterprises have been upgraded and upgraded, promoting high-quality development of manufacturing industry, making greater contributions to realizing strategic objectives of manufacturing power.

Annual intelligent luxury sedan

Award-winning enterprise: Zhishao Automobile Winners: L7

Comments: ZHECIAL L7 is a digital transformation of automotive enterprises, a brand new smart electric "beauty", excellent design, powerful performance, is integrated into this sedan species.

As a new user-type automotive technology company jointly created by the SAIC Group, Zhangjiang Gaoke and Alibaba Group, it has a relatively high starting point, which also carries the high-prime preferences of the outside world.

As the first flagship model of the brand, L7 first with "Yan", the automotive industry has developed more than a hundred years later, excellent native design can not meet, although the delivery is not delivered, but the design of Xihe L7 has been widely recognized. .

Zhixiang Automobile is inspired by "Horship, Water", and has extended the core design concept of "flowing" "natural" "to" integration "as keywords. On the eve of the Guangzhou Auto Show, the world’s first smart unbounded IMOS operating system is also officially released, new cars can Realize cross-screen display, multi-screen interaction, let interaction more free, the central screen and smart scene screen are perfectly integrated, so that the central screen is more convenient, and the smart scene screen shows more immersive. Thanks to this, every function in the L7 car is inseparable from the organic overall.

A intuitive example is the unique super-run mode of Xishao L7: After a button switching, the smart scene screen automatically switches to the half-screen immersion driving state, the speed is light efficient to the screen, the theater class smart acoustic system simulation V8 super run sound wave Matching 3.87 seconds of "V8" 百 动 百, sound and optical linkage creates a driving atmosphere of the super sports car, and the whole car CDC, vehicle acceleration brake response, atmosphere lamp and other modules cooperate.

Under the high look, don’t forget that L7 is a "hard" wisdom car. The intelligent car IM AD smart driving system has 32 high-performance perceived hardware, achieving 360 degree full coverage, multiple detection, mutual verification. Perceived ability; system uses artificial intelligent super algorithm, uses a perception-fusion-predictive-controlling full-process data-driven technical concept, based on massive data, through AI technology, allowing IM AD to learn, self-evolution. Previously, the IM AD smart driving system has been publicly measured on the road in the second line of urban districts, and the final mass production version, or more surprises.

In terms of performance, Zhishao L7 has a world-leading 0.21 ultra-low wind resistant coefficient, effective boosting mileage reaches 708 kilometers; front and rear motor and high performance four-wheel drive, comprehensive output can reach 578 horsepower / 725 cattle · rice, bring 3.87 seconds Bus accelerated.

Shareholders with strong strength, young and tuned, will be an important force in the future high-end pure electric vehicle. Southern reporter Zhong key is quite

Shanghai construction workers adhere to the number lead

Recently, Shanghai Construction Work held the "Wisdom Construction Site and Artificial Intelligent Equipment Informatization Applied Observation Club", and issued Shanghai Construction, "Wisdom Construction Guide".

At the on-site exhibition area, the focus of informationization of artificial intelligence equipment, Shanghai Construction Actually demonstrated the concept of AI construction site safety perception system, AI job aid system, construction equipment management system, etc., highlighting the concept of full-loop management of construction and production. After the iteration upgrade of personnel management, equipment management, safety management, foundation pit management, environmental monitoring, video surveillance, etc., "X" module is further extended, and the PEC component tracking management is displayed on site. , Smart hydropower table, intelligent scale, vehicle access management, intelligent nut, wire rope monitoring, operation robot, etc.

In recent years, Shanghai Construction Engineering adheres to the digital leadership, continuously strengthening the top floor design and practice of digital transformation, actively exploring the development and application of "smart construction sites" platform, and does not break spread to six new business sectors, extending to Shanghai Construction Industry Chain The front and rear ends.

In the future, Shanghai Construction of "Smart Site" platform will be the industry to digitally transformed into the industry, to create a "smart site ecotry circle", realize industrial interconnection, data interoperability, and create economic value and social value.

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The capital is coveted, the player is piled up, and the 100 billion smart financial business has multiple temptings?

With map from Canva

In these two years, the SaaS industry has ushered in the true Shengchun, the policy on digital economy, the digital upgrade of the economic internal model, the collective digitization and intelligent transformation of many industries, and the sudden epidemic stimulating online, all It provides an extremely convenient objective environment for the penetration and popularity of SaaS products and services.

SaaS products are like tidal, from giants to vertical players, all push Saas out of the pain-based and scenarios, so, using Saas has also become the first step in many traditional enterprises into digital upgrades.

The overall track is very hot, but there are temperature differences, like e-commerce SaaS, marketing SaaS, office Saas these most popular, because covering a large number of long-tailed small companies, and information security SaaS, human resources Saas These are more medium and big companies vegetable.

Fisher control SAAS has also begun to heat up in recent years. Although the current domestic footprint SaaS industry is still in the start of development, due to the fight of capital and players, there have been a lot of digital products that can meet the requirements of corporate fees.

Regardless of the industry demand, or from the Fisher’s SaaS product or technical side, the fee control SAAS is accelerating the outline, which has become the first choice for many business fees, and the foreground of the entire track is far more imagination.

Unneained millions

How old is the fee control SAAS track? First of all, it is necessary to clearly, the fee control SAAS emphasizes the concept of financial link. At present, the fee is actually extending to the entire financial industry, especially from several head players, the fee control SaaS has expanded into artificial intelligence, big data , Multi-link or full-circular intelligent financial services based on technologies such as cloud computing.

Standing at the capital level,Intelligent finances have actually become one of the star financing tracks of the enterprise. A large number of players are stimulated in this stimulus, and from the financing rounds and station capital, every moment, easy to report, Huiyi, Bibbeong several players It is currently favored by capital.

What is the capital is why, because the tray of intelligent finance is indeed very large, and it is still growing high-speed growth. From an external environment, 2020 global digital economy has jumped to millions of trillion scale, and the domestic digital economy contribution is increasing, and has jumped to hundreds of trillion scale.

Refer to the industrial revolution and information revolution, the digital upgrade of enterprises and industries is irreversible. In the next ten years or twenty years, the digital and intelligent upgrades in the enterprise service will have to grow up to trillion levels of supermarkets. Intelligent finances are just as needed for corporate digital upgrades, and they have great potential for capital and players, as well as under business standardization, and great potential.

The market data level has strong support.According to the "2021, China Finance Category Enterprise Service Research Report", China’s Finance and Taxation Fields’ service market continued to rise, from 2017 to RMB 243.71 billion in 2020, it is expected to reach 2021 2.66.44 billion yuan.

From the perspective of penetration, the Medical Advisory Report shows that China’s fiscal and taxation entrustment service penetration is only 30%, while the permeability of US, Japan and South Korea is as high as 61%, 84%, 95%, respectively.

Domestic alternative level,The domestic alternative trends in the technical and manufacturing areas are also staged in the field of intelligent financial services. Zhongda enterprises take the lead in conducting technical hardware and software for technical software because of information security, localization needs, which provides a domestic business service player. More market increments.

In the past few years, the industrial stability growth proof Intelligent financial services are being accepted by more enterprises, plus low permeability and domestic alternative trends, and intelligent financial prices will grow at least ten billions of market trays in the next decade, any capital. And players can’t ignore.

Deep till segmentation, the operation is special

The market prospects are large, but all players under the initial stage are actually exploiting the entry point and the feasible model. In the first batch of players in five or six years ago, there have been several people who have been in the help of capital. A certain scale and a relatively complete product system. Therefore, the current intelligent financial sessions have already come out of the early competition pattern, and they are almost almost almost harmonically, including Huiyi, Bibecong, every moment, easy to report, but from positioning, product model, user characteristics, and scale. Look, they have their own strengths.

First, enterprise positioning: management from a single fee to the integrated platform

Hui Lian is easy to carry on Han, in 2016, the current enterprise positioning is a full-process cost management platform, and cultivating the vertical field of enterprise cost management.

Founded in 2016, the company’s positioning is an integrated fee control, scene, payment, reimbursement, and becomes a next-generation expenditure management platform.

Each of 2015 is founded in 2015, and the company’s positioning is a group of group service providers, providing enterprises with new generation of financial and taxation data integration and intelligent finance sharing cloud platform.

Easy Express is established in November 2014, and corporate positioning is the company’s reimbursement and cost management SaaS platform.

Second, product mode: from the fee control SaaS to the intelligent cloud financial era

Hui Lei is a transparent full-process fee management service to enterprises by connecting to OA, HR and other systems within the company and external enterprise-class consumer service providers, and integrate travel applications, bookings, approval and other scenarios. Core products include "Huiyi", "E-file", "Super Reseminated", and "Spendia" in the localization of the Japanese market.

Bibecong is a full-coverage model for payment, scene, payment, reimbursement, and enterprise payment of employee payment. Enterprise cost management scenario.

Each day is based on a new generation of financial and taxation data based on AI, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet technology, and intelligent financial sharing cloud platforms, providing business with full process cycle, fully customized and efficient financial services. The core products include every minute reimbursement, every engraving, cloud ticket, every moment, every minute, business travel ecological platform, providing a full range of business tax data integrated services.

Easy Express is a one-stop solution for companies to provide mobile reimbursement, aggregating consumption, full fee control, budget management, invoice management for enterprises. Core products include reimbursement fees, data interconnection platforms, unified payment platforms, etc., which can provide full-time process services.

Third, the user characteristics: each has focused, each other

Hui Lingyi initially serves a large-scale large-scale businesses that are 500, and then the service object extends to SMEs by launching the "super reimburse" products integrated with staples.

Bibbeong Based on the service advantages of travel scenes, as well as SaaS + transaction models, the current guest groups are mainly focused on maritime, hotel-based OTA industries and retail industries based on small micro enterprises or chain merchants.

Each day due to service and technical excessive research and development capabilities, it has become the first choice for manufacturing, Internet, medical health, finance, catering, cultural service, costumes and other industries.

Easy Express Based on rich experience, it is mainly served in small and medium-sized enterprises, with the staple platform depth.

Fourth, the size of the size: the difference in positioning decision

Hui Lianyi has served more than 300 well-known large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, covering 68 countries and regions and more than 20 industries, and the number of months is over millions.

Bibbechong has now covered 1600 cities in China, dosing more than 40 navigations and more than 700,000 hotels in China, as well as more than 900,000 restaurants and hungry, and more than 3.5 million merchants taken for takeaway.

More than 3,000 large-scale enterprises and administrative institutions have been served every moment, including more than 300 listed companies and more than 2 million users, covering more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

Easy Express has served nearly 5,000 yuan for paying customers, including more than 200 sub-field companies, and the number of products exceeds 2 million.

In summary, these four players have a difference in the establishment time, but the product positioning and innovation ability determines the difference between the final service guest group.

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Situation, change

At present, from the size of the size, Huiyi, Bibecong, every moment, the gap between the easy-to-Express is not very obvious, and under the driving of capital, the entire intelligent finance track still has new players to continue to enter the market, you can imagine the industry Competition will be more glue. Under this status quo, there will be three trends in the future of intelligent finance.

First, it is unable to divide the winning and negative in the short term, and the bright competition pattern is still difficult to settle.

The intelligent finance industry has been popular in capital in the past two years and broke out in the epidemic. According to time, there are three financing movements this year, namely the N $ 100 million C round finance in Bibecion, Febbe, Febbe, Febbe, Febbe, Febbee, B + Roundary financing and 200 million B ++ round financing, August The 1.0 billion yuan D round financing of Easy Express, and Huilian is easy to complete C + round financing in March last year. In addition to the large-scale, Bibbeong, each engraving and easy-to-Express do not have a big gap, in the financing rhythm, in fact, there is not too much, in the next period, competition will enter white heat, these still It is difficult to say that absolute boss will not appear in a short period of time.

Second, due to technical, strategic, ecological differences, a few star SaaS companies will have a few stars.

From a service guest group, each engraving and Huiyi customers are mostly medium-largest companies, and the product and technical capacity is much higher than that of small micro enterprises. It is easier to attract small micro companies when expanding the guests in the future. It can be said that it takes up the land. .

In addition, as the competition in various fields has increased, the cash flow and operational capabilities are increasingly critical, current cash flow management capabilities, operational capabilities, and pursuit of behavior and long-lived players, such as: Every moment, "people and" advantages . In the next few times, the real star SaaS company’s large probability will produce from these players who currently occupy "land", "people and" advantages.

Third, with the continuous penetration of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent finance products and service systems will gradually evolve into the intelligent direction of the comprehensive platform.

Hui Lianyi filed an entry fee management 3.0 era, layout, industry, experience, intelligent, ecological, and integrated TEM strategy.

Every moment, in the November Ecological Conference of this year, the group of Zhiyun’s financial products will be upgraded to 3.0, emphasize data driver, financial integration, and hope to pass the wisdom of the financial sector, and lead the industry change.

In short, the high-speed development of the industry must be an opportunity of everyone. Under the driving of capital, everyone is robbing the customer, but in a long time, the key to intelligent finance competition is the integration of the underlying technology innovation, whether it can Meet the changing and upgraded financial needs of the company’s full life cycle growth. Whoever can take the lead in doing this in the future, who will gradually gradually spread the gap and become a real king.

On Artificial Intelligence: A new round of industrial revolution in artificial intelligence AI

Artificial intelligence is the current cutting-edge technology of technology, which will bring a new round of industrial revolution. Every big scientific and technological progress will change people’s lifestyle and habits, and artificial intelligence is no exception.

Today, social technology is rapidly developed, and the technology innovation has a new month. The sum of the human invention created by the human invention creation ratio of human invention in modern times. Scientific and technological progress brings people a longer life, richer food, larger living space. From the ocean to the land to the sky, even outer space, every place has technology power. We must respect science, but we also think about science.

Artificial intelligence also known as machine intelligence, it is a comprehensive discipline that has developed by computer science, control, informationism, neurophysiology, psychology, linguistics and other disciplines. From the perspective of the computer application system, artificial intelligence is how to create a man-made intelligent machine or intelligent system to simulate the ability of human intelligence activities to extend people’s intelligence.

Since the 1990s, with the development of hardware and software, the computer’s computing capacity has grown in an exponential level, while network technology is booming, ensuring that computers have sufficient conditions to run some requirement to be higher artificial intelligence software, and now Artificial intelligence has the basis for more realistic applications. At present, all countries in the world are investing a large number of human resources resources to study artificial intelligence.

The development direction of artificial intelligence and the impact on human beings

The development of technology is always more than people’s imagination. From some science fiction movies, some prospective research, we can know that future artificial intelligence may develop: fuzzy treatment, parallelization, neural network, and machine emotions. At present, artificial intelligence is a breakthrough, learning and associative function is being studied. The next step is to imitate the fuzzy treatment function of human right brains and the parallelization of the entire brain. Artificial neural network is a new field of future artificial intelligence applications, and future intelligent computers may be a combination of artificial neural networks that act as a host. Studies have shown that emotions are part of intelligence, rather than intelligent phase separation, so the next breakthrough in artificial intelligence may be to give computer emotional capabilities. Emotional Ability is critical to the natural exchange of computers and people.

Artificial intelligence has been in front of computer technology, the theory and discovery of artificial intelligence research to a large extent, will determine the development direction of computer technology. Today, there have been many outcomes of artificial intelligence research to enter people’s daily lives. In the future, the development of artificial intelligence technology will bring greater impact on people’s lives, work and education.

Watch: Bangladesh fans taunt Shaheen Afridi with ‘Matthew Wade’ chants, PAK pacer responds with fifer

Pakistan pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi responded to ‘Mathew Wade’ taunts from the Bangladesh fans by taking a five-wicket haul wicket on the fourth day of the First Test played at Chattogram.

The incident took place on Day 3 of the ongoing Test when Afridi dived to save a boundary, a section of the crowd reminded him of Wade’s hat-trick of sixes, which was caught on the mic.

The left-arm quick from Pakistan was taken to the cleaners by Australia’s Matthew Wade during their T20 World Cup semi-final clash, earlier this month.

Shaheen ended up having the last laugh over as he made full use of new ball and dismissed Shadman Islam and Najmul Shanto in the space of three deliveries. The Pakistan quick later added the wicket of Saif Hassan with a caught and bowled off a meanly directed bouncer. On Day 4, he added two more wickets in his kitty to complete his fourth five-wicket haul in Test cricket.

The 21-year-old returned with an impressive bowling figure of 5/32 in Bangladesh’s second innings and restricted the hosts to 157.

Afridi, playing in his 20th Test match has a stellar record in the game longer format. The young speedster has bagged 86 wickets in 20 matches for Pakistan.

Yasir hurt, Bangladesh extends lead to 200 over Pakistan

Yasir Ali had to be replaced by a concussion substitute after after being hit on the helmet before Bangladesh was bowled out for 157 after the lunch on day four.

Liton Das, who scored 114 in the first innings, scored a feisty 59 after combining with Yasir in a 47-run stand.

For Pakistan, Shaheen Shah Afridi (5/32), Sajid Khan (3/32) and Hasan Ali (2/52) shared the spoils.

Pakistan needs 201 runs to go 1-0 up in the two-match Test series.

Head of Instagram agrees to testify as Congress probes app’s effects on young people

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has agreed for the first time to testify before Congress, as bipartisan anger mounts over harms to young people from the app.

Mosseri is expected to appear before a Senate panel during the week of Dec. 6 as part of a series of hearings on protecting children online, said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., who will lead the hearing.

Mosseri’s appearance follows hearings this year with Antigone Davis, global head of safety for Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, and with Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee turned whistleblower. Haugen’s revelations about the social networking company, particularly those about Facebook and Instagram’s research into its effects on some teenagers and young girls, have spurred criticism, inquiries from politicians, and investigations by regulators.

In September, Davis told Congress the company disputed the premise that Instagram was harmful for teenagers and noted that the leaked research did not have causal data. But after Haugen’s testimony last month, Blumenthal wrote a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggesting that his company had “provided false or inaccurate testimony to me regarding attempts to internally conceal its research.”

Blumenthal asked that Zuckerberg or Mosseri testify in front of the consumer protection subcommittee of the Senate’s Commerce Committee to set the record straight.

“He’s the top guy at Instagram, and the whole nation is asking about why Instagram and other tech platforms have created so much danger and damage by driving toxic content to children with these immensely powerful algorithms,” said Blumenthal, who chairs the subcommittee. “The hearing will be critically significant in guiding us to develop laws that can have an impact on making platforms safer.”

Dani Lever, a Meta spokesperson, said in a statement: “We continue to work with the committee to find a date for Adam to testify on the important steps Instagram is taking.”

Blumenthal said he would question Mosseri about how Instagram’s algorithms can send children into dangerous rabbit holes. Since the subcommittee began its series of hearings, lawmakers have heard from hundreds of parents and children who have shared personal anecdotes, including stories of how posts on fitness devolved into recommendations for content related to extreme dieting, eating disorders and self-harm.

Blumenthal said he would seek a commitment from Mosseri to make Instagram’s ranking and recommendation decisions transparent to the public and to experts who can study how the app amplifies harmful content. Blumenthal said that executives at Snap, TikTok and YouTube who testified in a previous hearing have committed to algorithmic transparency.

While Zuckerberg has become accustomed to being hauled in front of US lawmakers, this will be the first time Mosseri will testify to them under oath. A trusted lieutenant to Zuckerberg who was chosen to lead Instagram in 2018, Mosseri has become the photo-sharing app’s public face, hosting regular video announcements about new features and appearing on morning television shows.

In September, before Davis’ Senate hearing, Mosseri appeared on NBC’s Today Show to announce that Instagram would pause the development of a version of the app designed for children following public backlash and renewed lawmaker interest sparked by Haugen’s leaks. BuzzFeed News first reported in March that the company was working on a version of Instagram for children under 13.

Mosseri’s scheduled appearance is the latest fallout from Haugen’s leaked files, which were first reported by The Wall Street Journal. Those documents, called The Facebook Papers, have formed the basis for multiple complaints to the Securities and Exchange Commission that Meta misled investors about its efforts to protect users.

Last week, a bipartisan group of 11 state attorneys general announced that it had opened an investigation into whether Meta had failed to protect the mental well-being of young people on its platforms, including Instagram.

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.