1.7 billion yuan, China TOP 6 smart transportation management application solution market share: thousands of technology, Yinjiang shares, Hisense network, central control information, Yi Huadi, Elect

On November 26, 2021, IDC released the "Smart Transport Management Application Level Solution Market Share, 2020" report, the total market is 1.7 billion yuan, main players are still based on players in the field of traditional traffic information.

Among them, the domestic industry digital solutions and large data service providers have dominated by 17% of the city and accounting;

Focusing on the Yinjiang shares operated with the city brain ranks second;

Hisense Network, a traffic control cloud brain solution built around the cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence as the core, accounting for nearly 10% of market share, ranking third.

IDC Chinese Government Industry and Smart City Research Group Research Manager Zhan Mei said: "In the smart transportation management application level solution market of urban roads in China, traditional transportation information technology leading companies still dominates. But with the development of geographic information technology Mature, traffic on space information is gradually expanded, and companies with map data processing and services can also be divided into a cup, and are constantly expanding the market boundary. On the other hand, the road coordination, intelligent network, cloud computing and other technologies Constantly evolving, there is a great improvement of information perception and data analysis in the field of smart transportation, which is also the biggest market opportunity in the future. "

Is Xiaomi 12 far away? Online spy photos exposure, Snapdragon 898?

Said, the recent mobile phone circle is also quiet. As a small rice in the topic, it has begun to low-profile. Since the release of the red rice Note11 series last month, there is no new machine release, on the occasion of the two 12 It’s still so silent, it seems to be a small meter style.

At this time, OPPO quietly brought home Reno series iterative new reno 7. This release new machine has not been avoided too fast, and the time released by the previous generation of products is only half a year ago, two generations of mobile phones seem to Become a tacit understanding of many mobile phone manufacturers, such as the previous red rice Note series, and the upcoming glory digital series, it is estimated that they are preparing to compete for the market.

Recently, the new flagship processor that has already begun out of the Snapdragon’s new flagship processor. As a mobile phone manufacturer of the Snapdragon flagship processor, the mobile phone series, Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi digital series flagship, will also start surface, That is, it is quite expected Xiaomi 12 series.

At present, there are two related rendering pictures or spy photos exposures on Xiaomi 12 online:

One is the spy photos of Xiaomi 12 Ultra, and the rear uses a large camera module, accounting for almost half of the back of the phone, which makes obsessive-compulsive disorder are a bit anxious, but also show 120 times longer focus words. And also printed with the words "NASA", this is not meant to shoot space? The design continues, but the change is also very large, canceled the secondary screen, gives more positions to the camera module, the credibility does not seem high. User comments, this is a mobile phone installed on the camera.

Second, the second is the rendering map of Xiaomi 12 series. From the exposed picture, Xiaomi 12 series is designed to maintain a similar style, but from the rendering map or see the difference in design, the most obvious is millet 12 Ultra’s secondary screen area seems to be large, almost five-five open, so that the role of the secondary screen is even greater, the credibility seems to be higher.

In contrast, the second group seems to have a higher credibility, and such a design will be a representative of the millet digital series. Such millet mobile phones will be more recognized, and the configuration is not unexpected. It is the ceiling of the Android phone, the most critical. Of course, about Xiaomi 12 is actually more concerned about the optimization of the system. After all, Xiaomi 11 series is a "system" loss. What do you think?

Are you expected to release the Xiaomi 12 Series?

Scientists show the potential of demand response in reducing carbon dioxide emissions

The new artificial intelligence framework estimates the potential of demand response in improving power consumption and reducing carbon footprints. Source: Guangzhou Science and Technology College

The grid is almost too large and cannot meet the short-term surge in energy demand. Simply put, the power station needs to have excess generators to provide electricity during peak hours. This mismatch between this power supply and the inefficient operation of the power station have led to higher carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, increasingly popular distributed energy, such as roof solar panels, only exacerbate supply and demand.

Fortunately, communication technology provides a smart policy to solve this problem: demand response (DR) program. In this scenario, the user is encouraged to reduce electricity at peak hours by reducing the electricity price other than the peak time and in advance. In addition, they can be integrated with distributed energy management to reduce the load of the grid when necessary.

However, there are very few research attention to the potential benefits of using the real user behavior data assessment DR program. To this end, Scientists of the Guangzhou Science and Technology Research Institute have developed a new method based on artificial intelligence (AI), which analyzes and extracts the behavior of grid users based on energy consumption of each household. Their papers were published in "IEEE Transactions On Smart Grid), the author describes a data-driven framework that estimates the best disaster relief management of each family, considering User home appliances and behavior patterns, as well as predictive power generation of distributed energy.

Researchers test their model by simulating data in real world. "In our simulation, we consider and quantify the degree of user discomfort related to household appliance dynamics, and then use it to estimate the best disaster-disaster potential," Professor JINO KIM "Professor Leaders explained. The research team also calculated the potential contribution of the disaster preparation program in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and managing coal-fired generators.

In summary, this study shows how to use artificial intelligence to improve our power consumption, achieve lower prices and smaller carbon footprints. Professor Gold emphasizes: "Analysis based on big data can convert family energy demand information to large-scale comprehensive resources." "We believe this technology will further expand to improve the efficiency and coupling of other departments, including water, heat , Gas and electric car sector. "

We certainly hope that his ideal is achieved soon.

Watch: Bangladesh fans taunt Shaheen Afridi with ‘Matthew Wade’ chants, PAK pacer responds with fifer

Pakistan pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi responded to ‘Mathew Wade’ taunts from the Bangladesh fans by taking a five-wicket haul wicket on the fourth day of the First Test played at Chattogram.

The incident took place on Day 3 of the ongoing Test when Afridi dived to save a boundary, a section of the crowd reminded him of Wade’s hat-trick of sixes, which was caught on the mic.

The left-arm quick from Pakistan was taken to the cleaners by Australia’s Matthew Wade during their T20 World Cup semi-final clash, earlier this month.

Shaheen ended up having the last laugh over as he made full use of new ball and dismissed Shadman Islam and Najmul Shanto in the space of three deliveries. The Pakistan quick later added the wicket of Saif Hassan with a caught and bowled off a meanly directed bouncer. On Day 4, he added two more wickets in his kitty to complete his fourth five-wicket haul in Test cricket.

The 21-year-old returned with an impressive bowling figure of 5/32 in Bangladesh’s second innings and restricted the hosts to 157.

Afridi, playing in his 20th Test match has a stellar record in the game longer format. The young speedster has bagged 86 wickets in 20 matches for Pakistan.

Yasir hurt, Bangladesh extends lead to 200 over Pakistan

Yasir Ali had to be replaced by a concussion substitute after after being hit on the helmet before Bangladesh was bowled out for 157 after the lunch on day four.

Liton Das, who scored 114 in the first innings, scored a feisty 59 after combining with Yasir in a 47-run stand.

For Pakistan, Shaheen Shah Afridi (5/32), Sajid Khan (3/32) and Hasan Ali (2/52) shared the spoils.

Pakistan needs 201 runs to go 1-0 up in the two-match Test series.