I am 27 years old, programmers, this year, ruthlessly speaking: people who want to give learning technology! !

"Programmer can use technology to crossMiddle-age crisis? "

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Knowing this question, attracting a large number of yang, a hot praise said "Can, it is difficult". Because it is difficult to escape these two endings:

?NoEnthusiasm, technology, one, is eliminated.

?There is technology, 90% of companies do not need, and they are being eliminated.

Behind this phenomenon reflectsProgrammer’s technical and posts are highly monopoly,which is:

90% of resources are concentrated in 1% Internet company.

This also makes most of the programmers, and I have seen the end of the technology.

So how can the programmer touch the frontier technology, and successfully enter the job?

The high-paying technical position of the large factory is actually very clear:

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Simple summary is:High education is the foundation, and the actual experience is the core.

Then, double non-undergraduate / specialist, and without project experience, you can only repeat some additional deletions, sit and wait for the crisis?

of course not! ! !

2021 has a two full choice for its choice –Master of non-full daily computer!

BambooDon’t resign, use the weekend class, you can improve your degree;

BambooThe famous school is widely wide, the emerging technology laboratory project is you choose!

In order to let everyoneTargeting skills, higher levels of high paying posts higher, UnionFormer Baidu Algorithm Engineer Hu Shi, graduated from Tsinghua University, Liu ShuoExperts in the industry, specialized for workplace people –

"Master’s degree + hard core double-wing improvement training camp"

While planning the preparation plan, the scientific prediction technology trend, deep section large factory demand model, so that your career is impeccable!

Master of Computer + hard core technology

Double wing improvement training camp

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Master’s degree + hard core technology

youofThere is no future workplaceOfworry


Experience in advanced projects in colleges and universities, high-standard large-scale

Many universities follow technology development, set a large number of emerging majors, whileWith lab, advanced equipment and talents are set.This is also highly matched to chase the high-paying position of the front-edge technology.

Master of Computer contains multiple core courses and many elective courses, overwrittenComputer science, artificial intelligence, big dataWaiting for the direction.

For example: computer and software architecture; database; cloud computing; artificial intelligence; machine learning; data mining, social network analysis; natural and language processing; computer vision …


2 years to take a certificate, easy to transfer the job, and promote the salary increase

Successfully won the master’s degree in non-computers, you can graduate for twice for 2 years:Academic certificate + degree certificate, Learning network can check, national and institutions of recognition is quite high.

▲ National Policy Support

Under the double guarantee of the degree + professional ability, no matter what you are identified, which stage, you can easily achieve your back, hop, and promotional salary …

Tumber:System learning programming code, quickly replace professional track, cross-line high salary

Serving officers:Imprinted education, enhanced workplace competitiveness, promotion, salary increase, and more opportunities

Graduates:Strengthen the background of the bar, improve the physical ability of code, and the school is out


The goddess is high, completely get rid of the 35-year-old bottle neck

The high-speed development of the Internet affects all walks of life,Central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, government departmentsThe demand for computer talents is increasing, and the computer is once become a national examination, the public examination is the most popular professional.

However, it is not negligible.The system is more stringent for the academic qualifications.A little bit of position requires a master’s degree!

After obtaining the master’s degree, you will be qualified, there will be more initiatives on the selection, no need to worry about the 35-year-old crisis!


4-day training camp

WholeHelping you into "Shuo"!

In order to improve the academic qualifications, keep up with the pace of technology and the pace of the class, and start the 4-day course for the people in the workplace, and divided into "Education promotion class, ability to improve classTwo parts.

The famous teacher is accompanied, the targeted improvement, let you quickly promote the salary, and take less than a few years!


Deep analysis industry trend, 4 hot technology, you choose

In the ability to improve, Started the leader of the head of BAT, etc., opened Java, AI, Web, and CS, four major technology special:

? Java special:Java Development 3 years of annual salary 60W secret

? Ai special:High-paying AI algorithm engineer job hunting

WEB special:15 years ago, revealing "what hinders you into the big factory"

? CS special:Ali P7 solution "What is the value of R & D engineers"

Combined with industry trends, scientific prediction technology development direction, and analyze the relevant positional capacity models of the large factory.

Let you clearly understand future career development paths, GET big factory screens the resume sleeve, interview offer skill!


AI precision school selection professional, system development preparation plan

In the qualifications, Qingbei Schoolgres School sisters will join hands with Baidu algorithm engineers to interpret the latest policies of computer postgraduate research, trend prospects.

Cooperate with the Self-developed AI system, combined with data,Scientific estimation, ranking, comparisonFor you to choose the school choice.

In the later study, combine your own situation, for you.Develop exclusive preparation schemes, Scientific review, one hit!


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Pre-Baidu Senior R & D Engineer


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AI Single

Postdoctoral Science Fund First-class

Executive study of artificial intelligence and cerebral calculation

JavaLiu Yaxiong

Internet Enterprise Architect & Administrative Senior Architect

Participate in the construction of Zhongguancun big data platform, etc.

WEB Yang Tao

15 years of senior front end


CS Li Chao

ACM Asia Silver Silver

Huawei senior research and development engineer


Trinity tracking service, strong technical atmosphere

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At the same time, there is also from the four seas of the five lakes.Big cattle is a classmate, the technical atmosphere is strongI don’t make progress!

Fortunately, no one will help you push it!

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Q & A;

Q: What is the specific curriculum content?

A: including, but not limited to: AI precision school choice + teacher 1V1 Q & A + professional class upgrade skills + political English high score cheats

Q: What is the way to class?

Most speaking people find that PLC is basically white, why?

Most people find that the learning of PLC is basically white, can’t write project procedures, why?

Many beginners have learned a long time PLC but still will not write project procedures. Some people have learned how to write a complete project program; some people spend time, spending costs The online training class is going to learn, still don’t learn, why?

The reason is as follows:

The first one: I’m self-study, many beginners usually learn is scattered, no system, can’t be a system! I saw a little here, I saw a little tomorrow, not to say this is not good, which is also a most effective way to accumulate basic knowledge. But our purpose is not to cultivate sentiment, if it is cultivating sentiment, this thing is not as good as lyric prose. We only have one for the purpose of PLC, which is to improve your work skills, improve your job position, improve your work salary, reduce your work strength, let your work have technical content. To achieve our expectation, you must use it! If you don’t do this, those things that spend time in front of you are zero, it’s better to see the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and there is still a big truth that people in people.

There is also the learning content itself has nothing to do with the project procedures. Some people have not done a project in their lives. I don’t know how the project is written. Holding the relay circuit breaker than teaching you how to write the program, the selected route is wrong, the result is natural To zero. Maybe you said that I don’t care, I am a scholar, this is another matter.

The second: looking for training courses, spending a big price and sacrifice the personal time to "professional" training class to learn a month, and always think that the bronze is changed to the king. After I got it, I found that I didn’t think about it. The money came back and found that I didn’t have any differences before, or I can’t live! I don’t have to go through the training institution and don’t understand the truth. Select training institutions to polish their eyes, and some automated training institutions will purchase my project procedures. I was surprised at the time, I thought for more than 10 years, known as the gold automated training institution, how to connect their own system project procedures? Do you want agency that he can train you? Has the program holding someone else? Some people have come to the training class, even a complete drawing, the complete project did not see, it is listening to others to read PPT, writing a few small procedures, that the result can be known. Before going to find it clearly, if you just explain the basic instructions, we can see the instruction manual. Now there are a lot of tutorials about explaining the instruction usage. We can learn while work, why not? Our purpose is to be able to do project procedures independently. It must be to learn to write a systematic, full architecture project procedure.

Third: Looking for a big god, there are not many procedures that can be fully absorbed by beginners. Those gods have used their big gods, and the procedures use complex logic, advanced languages, advanced algorithms, (special Except for the function of people, it is very powerful and high, but it is better to see what our beginners can’t see it. What is it used? It is the most simple instruction to achieve the most stable control with the simplest instructions, the easiest way, and is the most powerful procedure. What’s more, the big gods you don’t understand, you don’t understand.

Then the above three endings are the same, waste time, waste, bamboo basket, water. The effective purpose of our Learning PLC is actual application; the direction is also clear, that is, it is possible to do project procedures independently. Many people have seen the project procedure, but I don’t know how a set of project procedures wrote it. You see someone else’s procedures and yourself write it entirely two concepts. You look like very simple, really when you do it. After discovering that the hand is helpless, the phase difference is 100,000 thousand miles, one is the sky is on the ground. What is the most important thing for beginners to know is how a set of frame structures? If you know this formation process, it is very big for your learning help.

Our beginners are eager to be able to take care of hand, how did this project program are written? !

In view of this, I organize a group of teaching video, the player’s live explanation, the writing procedure is speaking, and it is a complete, full-featured, stable operational equipment program! Contains running commissioning! So don’t worry if there is a problem, there will be debugging the process behind! Moreover, it is true that I am using the model of the template framework in the actual work project, I am relieved to learn, definitely help! ! !

Shanghai construction workers adhere to the number lead

Recently, Shanghai Construction Work held the "Wisdom Construction Site and Artificial Intelligent Equipment Informatization Applied Observation Club", and issued Shanghai Construction, "Wisdom Construction Guide".

At the on-site exhibition area, the focus of informationization of artificial intelligence equipment, Shanghai Construction Actually demonstrated the concept of AI construction site safety perception system, AI job aid system, construction equipment management system, etc., highlighting the concept of full-loop management of construction and production. After the iteration upgrade of personnel management, equipment management, safety management, foundation pit management, environmental monitoring, video surveillance, etc., "X" module is further extended, and the PEC component tracking management is displayed on site. , Smart hydropower table, intelligent scale, vehicle access management, intelligent nut, wire rope monitoring, operation robot, etc.

In recent years, Shanghai Construction Engineering adheres to the digital leadership, continuously strengthening the top floor design and practice of digital transformation, actively exploring the development and application of "smart construction sites" platform, and does not break spread to six new business sectors, extending to Shanghai Construction Industry Chain The front and rear ends.

In the future, Shanghai Construction of "Smart Site" platform will be the industry to digitally transformed into the industry, to create a "smart site ecotry circle", realize industrial interconnection, data interoperability, and create economic value and social value.

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The capital is coveted, the player is piled up, and the 100 billion smart financial business has multiple temptings?

With map from Canva

In these two years, the SaaS industry has ushered in the true Shengchun, the policy on digital economy, the digital upgrade of the economic internal model, the collective digitization and intelligent transformation of many industries, and the sudden epidemic stimulating online, all It provides an extremely convenient objective environment for the penetration and popularity of SaaS products and services.

SaaS products are like tidal, from giants to vertical players, all push Saas out of the pain-based and scenarios, so, using Saas has also become the first step in many traditional enterprises into digital upgrades.

The overall track is very hot, but there are temperature differences, like e-commerce SaaS, marketing SaaS, office Saas these most popular, because covering a large number of long-tailed small companies, and information security SaaS, human resources Saas These are more medium and big companies vegetable.

Fisher control SAAS has also begun to heat up in recent years. Although the current domestic footprint SaaS industry is still in the start of development, due to the fight of capital and players, there have been a lot of digital products that can meet the requirements of corporate fees.

Regardless of the industry demand, or from the Fisher’s SaaS product or technical side, the fee control SAAS is accelerating the outline, which has become the first choice for many business fees, and the foreground of the entire track is far more imagination.

Unneained millions

How old is the fee control SAAS track? First of all, it is necessary to clearly, the fee control SAAS emphasizes the concept of financial link. At present, the fee is actually extending to the entire financial industry, especially from several head players, the fee control SaaS has expanded into artificial intelligence, big data , Multi-link or full-circular intelligent financial services based on technologies such as cloud computing.

Standing at the capital level,Intelligent finances have actually become one of the star financing tracks of the enterprise. A large number of players are stimulated in this stimulus, and from the financing rounds and station capital, every moment, easy to report, Huiyi, Bibbeong several players It is currently favored by capital.

What is the capital is why, because the tray of intelligent finance is indeed very large, and it is still growing high-speed growth. From an external environment, 2020 global digital economy has jumped to millions of trillion scale, and the domestic digital economy contribution is increasing, and has jumped to hundreds of trillion scale.

Refer to the industrial revolution and information revolution, the digital upgrade of enterprises and industries is irreversible. In the next ten years or twenty years, the digital and intelligent upgrades in the enterprise service will have to grow up to trillion levels of supermarkets. Intelligent finances are just as needed for corporate digital upgrades, and they have great potential for capital and players, as well as under business standardization, and great potential.

The market data level has strong support.According to the "2021, China Finance Category Enterprise Service Research Report", China’s Finance and Taxation Fields’ service market continued to rise, from 2017 to RMB 243.71 billion in 2020, it is expected to reach 2021 2.66.44 billion yuan.

From the perspective of penetration, the Medical Advisory Report shows that China’s fiscal and taxation entrustment service penetration is only 30%, while the permeability of US, Japan and South Korea is as high as 61%, 84%, 95%, respectively.

Domestic alternative level,The domestic alternative trends in the technical and manufacturing areas are also staged in the field of intelligent financial services. Zhongda enterprises take the lead in conducting technical hardware and software for technical software because of information security, localization needs, which provides a domestic business service player. More market increments.

In the past few years, the industrial stability growth proof Intelligent financial services are being accepted by more enterprises, plus low permeability and domestic alternative trends, and intelligent financial prices will grow at least ten billions of market trays in the next decade, any capital. And players can’t ignore.

Deep till segmentation, the operation is special

The market prospects are large, but all players under the initial stage are actually exploiting the entry point and the feasible model. In the first batch of players in five or six years ago, there have been several people who have been in the help of capital. A certain scale and a relatively complete product system. Therefore, the current intelligent financial sessions have already come out of the early competition pattern, and they are almost almost almost harmonically, including Huiyi, Bibecong, every moment, easy to report, but from positioning, product model, user characteristics, and scale. Look, they have their own strengths.

First, enterprise positioning: management from a single fee to the integrated platform

Hui Lian is easy to carry on Han, in 2016, the current enterprise positioning is a full-process cost management platform, and cultivating the vertical field of enterprise cost management.

Founded in 2016, the company’s positioning is an integrated fee control, scene, payment, reimbursement, and becomes a next-generation expenditure management platform.

Each of 2015 is founded in 2015, and the company’s positioning is a group of group service providers, providing enterprises with new generation of financial and taxation data integration and intelligent finance sharing cloud platform.

Easy Express is established in November 2014, and corporate positioning is the company’s reimbursement and cost management SaaS platform.

Second, product mode: from the fee control SaaS to the intelligent cloud financial era

Hui Lei is a transparent full-process fee management service to enterprises by connecting to OA, HR and other systems within the company and external enterprise-class consumer service providers, and integrate travel applications, bookings, approval and other scenarios. Core products include "Huiyi", "E-file", "Super Reseminated", and "Spendia" in the localization of the Japanese market.

Bibecong is a full-coverage model for payment, scene, payment, reimbursement, and enterprise payment of employee payment. Enterprise cost management scenario.

Each day is based on a new generation of financial and taxation data based on AI, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet technology, and intelligent financial sharing cloud platforms, providing business with full process cycle, fully customized and efficient financial services. The core products include every minute reimbursement, every engraving, cloud ticket, every moment, every minute, business travel ecological platform, providing a full range of business tax data integrated services.

Easy Express is a one-stop solution for companies to provide mobile reimbursement, aggregating consumption, full fee control, budget management, invoice management for enterprises. Core products include reimbursement fees, data interconnection platforms, unified payment platforms, etc., which can provide full-time process services.

Third, the user characteristics: each has focused, each other

Hui Lingyi initially serves a large-scale large-scale businesses that are 500, and then the service object extends to SMEs by launching the "super reimburse" products integrated with staples.

Bibbeong Based on the service advantages of travel scenes, as well as SaaS + transaction models, the current guest groups are mainly focused on maritime, hotel-based OTA industries and retail industries based on small micro enterprises or chain merchants.

Each day due to service and technical excessive research and development capabilities, it has become the first choice for manufacturing, Internet, medical health, finance, catering, cultural service, costumes and other industries.

Easy Express Based on rich experience, it is mainly served in small and medium-sized enterprises, with the staple platform depth.

Fourth, the size of the size: the difference in positioning decision

Hui Lianyi has served more than 300 well-known large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, covering 68 countries and regions and more than 20 industries, and the number of months is over millions.

Bibbechong has now covered 1600 cities in China, dosing more than 40 navigations and more than 700,000 hotels in China, as well as more than 900,000 restaurants and hungry, and more than 3.5 million merchants taken for takeaway.

More than 3,000 large-scale enterprises and administrative institutions have been served every moment, including more than 300 listed companies and more than 2 million users, covering more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

Easy Express has served nearly 5,000 yuan for paying customers, including more than 200 sub-field companies, and the number of products exceeds 2 million.

In summary, these four players have a difference in the establishment time, but the product positioning and innovation ability determines the difference between the final service guest group.

With map from Canva

Situation, change

At present, from the size of the size, Huiyi, Bibecong, every moment, the gap between the easy-to-Express is not very obvious, and under the driving of capital, the entire intelligent finance track still has new players to continue to enter the market, you can imagine the industry Competition will be more glue. Under this status quo, there will be three trends in the future of intelligent finance.

First, it is unable to divide the winning and negative in the short term, and the bright competition pattern is still difficult to settle.

The intelligent finance industry has been popular in capital in the past two years and broke out in the epidemic. According to time, there are three financing movements this year, namely the N $ 100 million C round finance in Bibecion, Febbe, Febbe, Febbe, Febbe, Febbee, B + Roundary financing and 200 million B ++ round financing, August The 1.0 billion yuan D round financing of Easy Express, and Huilian is easy to complete C + round financing in March last year. In addition to the large-scale, Bibbeong, each engraving and easy-to-Express do not have a big gap, in the financing rhythm, in fact, there is not too much, in the next period, competition will enter white heat, these still It is difficult to say that absolute boss will not appear in a short period of time.

Second, due to technical, strategic, ecological differences, a few star SaaS companies will have a few stars.

From a service guest group, each engraving and Huiyi customers are mostly medium-largest companies, and the product and technical capacity is much higher than that of small micro enterprises. It is easier to attract small micro companies when expanding the guests in the future. It can be said that it takes up the land. .

In addition, as the competition in various fields has increased, the cash flow and operational capabilities are increasingly critical, current cash flow management capabilities, operational capabilities, and pursuit of behavior and long-lived players, such as: Every moment, "people and" advantages . In the next few times, the real star SaaS company’s large probability will produce from these players who currently occupy "land", "people and" advantages.

Third, with the continuous penetration of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent finance products and service systems will gradually evolve into the intelligent direction of the comprehensive platform.

Hui Lianyi filed an entry fee management 3.0 era, layout, industry, experience, intelligent, ecological, and integrated TEM strategy.

Every moment, in the November Ecological Conference of this year, the group of Zhiyun’s financial products will be upgraded to 3.0, emphasize data driver, financial integration, and hope to pass the wisdom of the financial sector, and lead the industry change.

In short, the high-speed development of the industry must be an opportunity of everyone. Under the driving of capital, everyone is robbing the customer, but in a long time, the key to intelligent finance competition is the integration of the underlying technology innovation, whether it can Meet the changing and upgraded financial needs of the company’s full life cycle growth. Whoever can take the lead in doing this in the future, who will gradually gradually spread the gap and become a real king.

Head of Instagram agrees to testify as Congress probes app’s effects on young people

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has agreed for the first time to testify before Congress, as bipartisan anger mounts over harms to young people from the app.

Mosseri is expected to appear before a Senate panel during the week of Dec. 6 as part of a series of hearings on protecting children online, said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., who will lead the hearing.

Mosseri’s appearance follows hearings this year with Antigone Davis, global head of safety for Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, and with Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee turned whistleblower. Haugen’s revelations about the social networking company, particularly those about Facebook and Instagram’s research into its effects on some teenagers and young girls, have spurred criticism, inquiries from politicians, and investigations by regulators.

In September, Davis told Congress the company disputed the premise that Instagram was harmful for teenagers and noted that the leaked research did not have causal data. But after Haugen’s testimony last month, Blumenthal wrote a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggesting that his company had “provided false or inaccurate testimony to me regarding attempts to internally conceal its research.”

Blumenthal asked that Zuckerberg or Mosseri testify in front of the consumer protection subcommittee of the Senate’s Commerce Committee to set the record straight.

“He’s the top guy at Instagram, and the whole nation is asking about why Instagram and other tech platforms have created so much danger and damage by driving toxic content to children with these immensely powerful algorithms,” said Blumenthal, who chairs the subcommittee. “The hearing will be critically significant in guiding us to develop laws that can have an impact on making platforms safer.”

Dani Lever, a Meta spokesperson, said in a statement: “We continue to work with the committee to find a date for Adam to testify on the important steps Instagram is taking.”

Blumenthal said he would question Mosseri about how Instagram’s algorithms can send children into dangerous rabbit holes. Since the subcommittee began its series of hearings, lawmakers have heard from hundreds of parents and children who have shared personal anecdotes, including stories of how posts on fitness devolved into recommendations for content related to extreme dieting, eating disorders and self-harm.

Blumenthal said he would seek a commitment from Mosseri to make Instagram’s ranking and recommendation decisions transparent to the public and to experts who can study how the app amplifies harmful content. Blumenthal said that executives at Snap, TikTok and YouTube who testified in a previous hearing have committed to algorithmic transparency.

While Zuckerberg has become accustomed to being hauled in front of US lawmakers, this will be the first time Mosseri will testify to them under oath. A trusted lieutenant to Zuckerberg who was chosen to lead Instagram in 2018, Mosseri has become the photo-sharing app’s public face, hosting regular video announcements about new features and appearing on morning television shows.

In September, before Davis’ Senate hearing, Mosseri appeared on NBC’s Today Show to announce that Instagram would pause the development of a version of the app designed for children following public backlash and renewed lawmaker interest sparked by Haugen’s leaks. BuzzFeed News first reported in March that the company was working on a version of Instagram for children under 13.

Mosseri’s scheduled appearance is the latest fallout from Haugen’s leaked files, which were first reported by The Wall Street Journal. Those documents, called The Facebook Papers, have formed the basis for multiple complaints to the Securities and Exchange Commission that Meta misled investors about its efforts to protect users.

Last week, a bipartisan group of 11 state attorneys general announced that it had opened an investigation into whether Meta had failed to protect the mental well-being of young people on its platforms, including Instagram.

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.