And strength! The world’s first, the world’s first, first time, Sun Yat-sen has

As a first-class, internationally renowned modern comprehensive university, Zhongshan University ranked first phalanx domestic universities, always keep in mind is the beginning of the heart Mandate Party Yucai country educating people, the pursuit of excellence, progressive class, to create a country and the whole the world’s many "first." Push this issue, Xiao Bian take you part of the initiative of the school year –

R & D led by the world’s first eye Video Intelligence Technology sieve diagnosis of liver and gallbladder disease

January 26 this year, in a medical artificial intelligence platform to support innovative multi-disciplinary cooperation of Zhongshan University, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center by the school (head of Lin Hao Tim) and the Third Affiliated Hospital (head of Zhongyue Si) co-led international multi-center research project, for the first time developed a video screen through the eyes of hepatobiliary disease diagnosis and evaluation of technical systems, published in the top international journal the Lancet Digital Health.

This research work has been highly praised domestic and foreign counterparts, the medical director of a large international well-known medical institutions from Mayo Medical Group (Mayo Clinic) and hepatobiliary chief expert Professor Vijay H Shah made a comment earlier praised "this timely study and important, innovative artificial intelligence technology to guide the cooperation of different disciplines, and produce a new era of medical technology. "

Construction of Xinjiang, China, the first national regional medical center

On May 13 this year, the People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the Sun Yat-sen University signed a joint agreement in Urumqi, and both parties will jointly build the first national regional medical center of Nanjiang (National Regional Medical Center).

The center will rely on the integrated strength of SMS University of Shengshan University and the advantages of clinical research, talent training, technical transformation, technical radiation, and management demonstration, and promotion, and promotion of the development of talent training, technical transformation, technology radiation and management demonstration. The improvement of medical service levels, protecting Xinjiang, especially the lives of all ethnic groups in Nanjiang, and health.

Domestic design is the largest, and the highest integrated science test of the highest performance.

On June 26th, Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. was officially delivered in Shanghai, and opened its marine science test. It is called "Marine Lab", Ocean Research Platform and Talent Cultivation Base, which is the "Sunshan University" of my country ‘s Ocean Comprehensive Science Exam. At 9 o’clock in the morning of November 21, "Sun Yat-sen University" is the assistance of two brief ships, and it is entered into Beach.

"Sun Yat-sen University" is currently the largest design of the ocean integrated scientific test in China, the most comprehensive scientific performance of the comprehensive science test, has multiple research functions such as detection, sampling, experiment, and has multiple "first" in China: first shot Full-swirling permanent magnetic low noise propeller, first mounted permanent magnet roller edge push and tunnel side push cover, first equipped with Di-generating row, energy storage battery, changed speed generator, first equipped with full speed initiative Watching and so on.

The world’s first example of "no ischemic" heart transplant success

On July 16 this year, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University held a press conference, officially announced the success of the world’s first "no ischemic" heart transplant surgery, this is the hospital’s first "no ischemic" organ transplantation technique in liver transplantation. After kidney transplantation, it is first applied to the field of heart transplantation. At the same time, the surgery achieved the whole process without interruption, the heart is not stopping.

At the world’s first "no ischemic" heart transplant press conference, Deputy Minister of the Original Ministry, Chinese Human Organ Donation and Huang Quan, Director of the Transplant Committee, sent a congratulations, he said that the Affiliated First Hospital has always been my country’s organ donation And the first army of transplantation, this heart transplant is successful, proves that the maturity and innovation of "no ischemic" organ transplantation technology, hopes to continue to make persistent efforts to China’s organ transplant technology to the world stage peak to make new Contribution.

Completion of the world’s first ophthalmology multi-disease artificial intelligence real world research

On July 27 this year, Lin Haotian, Lin Hao, Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center, Sun Yat-sen University, as the last corporate, team backbone Lin Wei, the acticor, as the first author, led the joint eagle AirdoC, Guangdong Medical and equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and other domestic and foreign health care , Enterprises and scientific research institutions have completed the world’s first ophthalmology multi-disease manual intelligence real world research, exploring the evaluation and supervision strategy before the clinical application of artificial intelligent medical equipment products, Research results "Application of Complication of Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Retinal Expert (CARE) SYSTEM : a National Real-World Evidence Study published in International Top Journals The Lancet Digital Health.

The World Authority of the Top Ten Top Ten Research Universities in the United States, the World Authoritative Image Diagnostic Center, director of the Wisconsin University, Rating this work as "marking the correct development direction of medical artificial intelligence research." The project team already has a series of technical patents and obtained the first ophthalmological intelligent software III medical device product registration certificate issued by the National Drug Administration.

Carry out the first line of immunotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in international multi-center

In August of this year, the International Top Academic Journal "Nature – Medicine" published Xu Ruihua, a Professor of Xu Ruihua, a Cancer Prevention Center of Sun Yat-sen University, a second-line treatment of transduction or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma III period (Jupiter- 02 Research) The latest research results.

The Jupiter-02 study by Professor Xu Ruihua is currently the most common type of nasopharyngeal carcinoma immunotherapy at the global sample size. This is the first international multi-center, random, double blind, placebo-controlled recurrence / metastasis. Clinical study. In recent years, Professor Xu Ruihua has long been scientifically scientifically on a long time around recurrence or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma. New research is expected to change the clinical practice of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and have received wide concern academic community.

my country’s first national spatial gravitational wave detection research institution was established

On September 26th, the National Aerospace Bureau was established at the Zhuhai Campus Tianqin Center, the Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University. This is the first national spatial gravory wave detection research institution in China. The center was founded by the National Aerospace Bureau, relying on the construction and operation of Sun Yat-sen University. Sun Yat-sen University ushered in a heavyweight "national brand plaque".

The National Aerospace Bureau will focus on significant strategic needs in the field of national space sectors, based on the solid research foundation in the field of gravitational experiments and gravitation wave detection, system development of gravitational wave front, development series test satellite platform and detection load technology, organize domestic power Together, my country’s space gravitational wave detection, accelerate basic research innovation and strategic technological innovation in the field of space and technology, and create favorable conditions and resources for my country’s development of international frontier science and technology.

Thick people’s national conditions, bear the national mission, Zhongshan University concentrated power to solve the research problem of "card neck", help Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao District Science and Technology Innovation Center construction, service national innovation and driving development strategy, contribute to the strength of Science and Technology!

Some material sources: Sun Yat-sen News Network, Zhongshan University official micro

1 day sell 73,000 pieces, how to rise in the face and explode?

Weekly TOP2 "whiten mask", a total of 34.2W single last week, the live sales volume of this item accounts for 100%, and only 1 hot exclusive person is a live broadcast that drives the sales of goods?

In the "whiten mask" nearly 30 days, the sales volume reached 130,000, of which the sales of high sales came from the "1-meter film buoyancy directly grabbed" released by the master’s "best actor", estimated sales of 63,000 sales, sales of 2.51,000.

The live broadcast also has a variety of masks. This "whiten mask" explains more than 17 hours, more than 90% of the time is explaining this product, indicating that this is the main community. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the single product is fast and explosive, the master "best actor" has also passed through the live broadcast of 150,000 in the nearly 30 days, then what is the live broadcast, it can make the trumpet can quickly suck the powder and bring the goods ?

On-site packing mask form, stimulating explosion

Check out the recent live broadcast, found that the live broadcast between the product whitening spots, the live broadcast scene is mainly the form of on-site packaging. After shooting a few boxes in the public block message, the anchor will pack it according to the number of boxes, and read the ID and quantity of the purchase of users in real time. For example, "User XXX 3 box package shipments" "User XXX 5 box package delivery", and Pack the goods directly.

In this way, the live broadcast of the package is in the form of a broadcaster who is unwilling to look, not only can directly show the product, but also packages through the site, the user has more expensive delivery, stimulating the user’s passion.

Comparative retail price, highlight live promotions, let users feel cheap

In the live broadcast, the retail price of 268 yuan displayed on the show is displayed, and the comparison can highlight the super high preferential strength of 3.98 yuan in the live broadcast; at the same time, the swings of the bulk between the bulk between the lives are mostly "five boxes" "ten boxes", It is very good to stimulate users to buy multiple items and improve live GMV.

Especially with the arrival of autumn and winter, people have increased the demand for moisturizing, the consumption demand such as mask, emulsions, and the recent follow-up of such goods.

So, how do we find the promotion of the "mask" potential live broadcast?

Potential broadcast master single GMV over 2 million, skin care preheating video precision drainage

Related merchandise, goods data, broadcast master information, live information, and audience portrait screening, see the live hot sale, synchronous comparison live online number, sales, etc.

Skin care video preheating, draining audience more accurate

At the same time, we see the "Source of Live Traffic] It can be seen that with the increase of live time, video promotion has gradually improved, and finally 46% of the audience comes from video drainage, and the drainage exceeds 56,000.

So what is the video to the live broadcast?

We have viewed a few videos with high exposure during the live broadcast. It is mainly based on skin care dry goods. Most of the foreword is "I like …"

At the same time, nearly half of the live broadcasts are over 41 years old, and they are the audience of anti-aging products. It can be seen that the audience of video drafting into live broadcast is very precise, so the bulk transfer is high, the sales conversion rate is as high as 4.28%.

Satellite remote sensing monitoring shows: Tianjin Vegetation hold a piece of green

Tsukumo News News:Recently, high-resolution Earth observation system data and application center in Tianjin (hereinafter referred to as the center of Tianjin score) by scores of multi-source satellite remote sensing monitoring data analysis shows: Since 2011, the city’s overall vegetation coverage has improved steadily, "Thirteen five "period than the" five-second "period increased by 0.58%. In 2020 the city’s total vegetation carbon sequestration (carbon dioxide equivalent) was 5.0014 million tons, compared with 2017 (not established green ecological barrier area) increased by 198,900 tons. Wherein the total amount of carbon and the vegetation region Jizhou green screen area, respectively 861,700 tons and 250,100 tons, respectively, compared to 2017 and an increase of 48,300 tons 25,500 tons. By 2020, the amount of carbon per unit area of ??the city was 417.96 grams / square meter, compared with 2017, an increase of 16.63 grams / square meter; green screen area per unit area of ??carbon sequestration was 344.53 grams / square meter, compared with 2017 increased 35.19 g / sq. meters, the city’s average increase of 2.1 times, the amount of carbon per unit area the biggest increase.

The city’s overall vegetation coverage has improved steadily

According to multi-source satellite remote sensing monitoring data show that high score: Since 2011, the city’s average annual vegetation coverage rate fluctuated, but overall has increased steadily. Among them, "Thirteen Five" period (2016-2020) the city’s vegetation coverage mean of 65.62%, compared with the "Twelfth Five-Year" period increased by 0.58%. And in 2020, Tianjin enhance significantly faster vegetation coverage, the city’s average vegetation coverage rate reached 66.22%, improved 0.6% during the past five years than the average for the past decade the growth of vegetation covering the most obvious effect of the year. Which cover more than 70% of the regional area accounted for more than half of the area of ??the City, and concentrated in the north-central and southwestern regions.

Green screen area per unit area of ??carbon sequestration biggest increase

In 2020 the city’s total vegetation carbon sequestration capacity of 5,001,400 tons, compared with 2017 increased 19.89 million tons. Among them, Chief Jizhou carbon sequestration 861,700 tons, representing an increase of 48,400 tons in 2017, accounting for 17.23 percent of the city total amount of carbon in the vegetation; green screen Chief carbon sequestration 250,100 tons, compared with 2017, an increase of 2.55 tons, accounting for 5% of the total amount of carbon in the total vegetation.

From the point of view the amount of carbon per unit area, in 2020 the city average of 417.96 grams / square meter, an increase of 16.63 g / m2 than 2017. A high amount of carbon per unit area value in the area mainly Jizhou region, Baodi, Wuqing, ninghe district, region, and Jinghai TBNA southwestern forest areas and agriculture. Wherein, in 2020 the average area Jizhou amount of carbon per unit area was 541.87 grams / square meter, an increase of 30.39 g / m2 than 2017; Green Area of ??the amount of carbon per unit area average of 344.53 grams / square meter, more 2017 increased 35.19 grams / square meter, an increase of 2.1 times the city’s average amount of green screen area per unit area increase carbon sequestration most prominent.

Meteorological departments of ecological civilization construction in Tianjin

After the construction of the future green screen area is complete, and Qili Sea wetland connected to the reservoir Beidagang form throughout the north and south of the "ecological zone", in addition to playing an important role in carbon sequestration, it will also have a regional climates have some improvement. Numerical simulations show that: After construction is completed green screen area, will have in the region and the surrounding areas ecological effect, especially in the southeast summer prevailing winds background, the central city downwind of providing "eco cold source" and a green screen area as " wetlands source ", can cool the central urban southeastern 0.2 ~ 0.4 ℃, humidified 2%; at the same time, Jinbin Twins" super heat island "and" very large dry island "green screen area will be" cut off the waist "," ecological barrier "highlighted the role.

In order to consolidate bring green screen zone climate advantage, the municipal meteorological departments to carry out the green screen arid zone, high temperature, low temperature, strong winds, hail, heavy rain and other extreme weather events in real-time monitoring and refinement of the risk assessment, the timely release and the impact of severe weather forecasting and early warning information, scientific planning and assisted green screen area and respond to weather disasters; integrated ecological construction green screen area meteorological observatory, to carry out sustained and stable eco-meteorological monitoring, climate assessment to enhance the ability to optimize the effect of the ecological environment of green screen area. Currently, under the support of government investment Jinnan District, the area in a green screen Bali Weather Service has built a comprehensive set of ecological Taiwan meteorological stations, observation project in addition to the conventional wet wind meteorological elements such as temperature and pressure, also increased for the ecological quality assessment and Eco vegetation, soil moisture, carbon dioxide and water vapor flux and other elements "carbon double" assessment.

It is understood that, in the future, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau will actively increase the ecological restoration of artificial rainfall (snow) capacity building, strengthening rational development and utilization of Cloud Water Resources, strengthening continuous tracking and monitoring of precipitation cloud system, improve weather modification conditions for recognition, scientific response to drought risk. Tianjin will rely on high center regularly carry out meticulous assessment of the effectiveness of the city’s ecological protection and restoration, in order to optimize the ecological space layout, enhance ecosystem services. Will give the city the meteorological department, the two work together to build a typical urban ecosystem meteorological monitoring and evaluation system services, to carry out monitoring and evaluation of forest, wetlands, coastlines ecosystem ecological quality meteorology; construction of greenhouse gas monitoring stations, the main background concentrations of greenhouse gases long-term monitoring of standardization. We will give full play to the China Meteorological Administration – Nankai Atmospheric Environment and Health Research joint laboratory role to enhance the ecological civilization construction support capabilities to strengthen scientific and technological support for the construction of livable modern Tianjin and make greater contributions. (Tsukumo News correspondent correspondent Wu Hong Zhang Yan)

OK smart learning machine, let the child can learn easily at home

After the "Double Reduction Policy", the state encourages to reduce the burden, but with the increase in textbooks, the difficulty increases, the learning rhythm is getting fast … so that the pressure of learning itself is still existed, especially the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination.

Before the double minus, the parents anxiously sent their children to the school training institution tutor, enhanced scores or to maintain scores; after double reduction, did not understand in schools, students either understand themselves after class, or put it regardless of them; After the double reduction, the parents’ anxiety seems to be unrecognizable, and the online training class and the online live broadcast class have been cut, after the double reduction policy, the school, we should think about how to improve the child’s own self-learning ability.

In fact, with the continuous improvement of technology, we can use professional intelligent learning machine to assist children ‘s learning. The learning machine is not alternative to the complex counseling of parents, but let the child’s learning is no longer passive, adding children to learn interest Improve the self-learning ability at home, use artificial intelligent big data technology to learn the child’s learning truly burden, let the children experience the fun of learning, after many partial comparison tests, I recommend OK smart learning machine.

A large functional highlight of the OK smart learning machine is the magic shot. The job encountered will not use the "magic shot" to gently locate the job problem, find the weak knowledge behind the wrong question. Different, the "Takeshou" tool of the inerting student thinking with the current double-reduction policy is different, the "Magic Photo" function uses big data to realize the intelligent match of the title label and knowledge label, by diagnosis and analysis, presence Children need to explicitly strengthen the knowledge points of learning, and achieve the ability to help children look weak and find the root cause of the problem.

The same misunderstanding of the child, I believe this is also a difficult problem that has been plaguing many parents. In the study, the topic of children is usually not a matter of understanding of knowledge. Similarly, the new OK smart learning machine carries the AI ??science class, and the intellectual class can be understood as intelligent approval, data capture, learning interaction, using the digital resources formation of rich media resources such as micro-class, exercises, courseware, one Aspects, can be accurately pushing courses for people because of people; on the other hand, they can accurately adjust the content and rhythm of the master of the master, so that the child is accurate to learn from the knowledge points you will not.

In general, the OK smart learning machine is recommended by Ai intelligent recommendation, letting children practice the content of ourselves according to their own master, and gradually overcome weak knowledge points. When the child doesn’t understand, when the class needs to be strengthened, the AI ??science can guide the child to learn to solve the learning problem.

OK Smart Learning Machine, bringing wisdom to the child, and achieves increasing and efficiency, making the class after class have truly supplemented the classroom.

Kanpur Test: Rahane, Pujara move into leadership roles as old bond with coach Dravid strengthens

Three brisk strides, the last longer than the first two, Rahul Dravid broke into his delivery stride with an effortless whirl of his shoulder, floated an off-break into Cheteshwar Pujara at the nets. The ball landed just outside the off-stump to encounter the visage of Pujara’s stretched and dead-straight bat. The ball dropped dead beside his feet, and as Pujara threw the ball back at Dravid, the latter gestured to him with a flick of his wrists that he could not cajole the flight he had wanted.

Watching all these, not far from the nets, was Ajinkya Rahane. He walked towards Dravid and whispered something into his ears. Dravid vigorously nodded his head, before rushing back to bowl the next. This one was more flight, had more revs, dropped suddenly into Pujara and spun back sharply into his legs. Pujara swiftly went deep into his crease and defended the ball to safety, though uncomfortably. Dravid flicked a thumbs’ up at Rahane. Whatever his inputs were, it seemed to work.