I am 27 years old, programmers, this year, ruthlessly speaking: people who want to give learning technology! !

"Programmer can use technology to crossMiddle-age crisis? "

▲ Screenshot comes from knowing

Knowing this question, attracting a large number of yang, a hot praise said "Can, it is difficult". Because it is difficult to escape these two endings:

?NoEnthusiasm, technology, one, is eliminated.

?There is technology, 90% of companies do not need, and they are being eliminated.

Behind this phenomenon reflectsProgrammer’s technical and posts are highly monopoly,which is:

90% of resources are concentrated in 1% Internet company.

This also makes most of the programmers, and I have seen the end of the technology.

So how can the programmer touch the frontier technology, and successfully enter the job?

The high-paying technical position of the large factory is actually very clear:

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Simple summary is:High education is the foundation, and the actual experience is the core.

Then, double non-undergraduate / specialist, and without project experience, you can only repeat some additional deletions, sit and wait for the crisis?

of course not! ! !

2021 has a two full choice for its choice –Master of non-full daily computer!

BambooDon’t resign, use the weekend class, you can improve your degree;

BambooThe famous school is widely wide, the emerging technology laboratory project is you choose!

In order to let everyoneTargeting skills, higher levels of high paying posts higher, UnionFormer Baidu Algorithm Engineer Hu Shi, graduated from Tsinghua University, Liu ShuoExperts in the industry, specialized for workplace people –

"Master’s degree + hard core double-wing improvement training camp"

While planning the preparation plan, the scientific prediction technology trend, deep section large factory demand model, so that your career is impeccable!

Master of Computer + hard core technology

Double wing improvement training camp

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Master’s degree + hard core technology

youofThere is no future workplaceOfworry


Experience in advanced projects in colleges and universities, high-standard large-scale

Many universities follow technology development, set a large number of emerging majors, whileWith lab, advanced equipment and talents are set.This is also highly matched to chase the high-paying position of the front-edge technology.

Master of Computer contains multiple core courses and many elective courses, overwrittenComputer science, artificial intelligence, big dataWaiting for the direction.

For example: computer and software architecture; database; cloud computing; artificial intelligence; machine learning; data mining, social network analysis; natural and language processing; computer vision …


2 years to take a certificate, easy to transfer the job, and promote the salary increase

Successfully won the master’s degree in non-computers, you can graduate for twice for 2 years:Academic certificate + degree certificate, Learning network can check, national and institutions of recognition is quite high.

▲ National Policy Support

Under the double guarantee of the degree + professional ability, no matter what you are identified, which stage, you can easily achieve your back, hop, and promotional salary …

Tumber:System learning programming code, quickly replace professional track, cross-line high salary

Serving officers:Imprinted education, enhanced workplace competitiveness, promotion, salary increase, and more opportunities

Graduates:Strengthen the background of the bar, improve the physical ability of code, and the school is out


The goddess is high, completely get rid of the 35-year-old bottle neck

The high-speed development of the Internet affects all walks of life,Central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, government departmentsThe demand for computer talents is increasing, and the computer is once become a national examination, the public examination is the most popular professional.

However, it is not negligible.The system is more stringent for the academic qualifications.A little bit of position requires a master’s degree!

After obtaining the master’s degree, you will be qualified, there will be more initiatives on the selection, no need to worry about the 35-year-old crisis!


4-day training camp

WholeHelping you into "Shuo"!

In order to improve the academic qualifications, keep up with the pace of technology and the pace of the class, and start the 4-day course for the people in the workplace, and divided into "Education promotion class, ability to improve classTwo parts.

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Deep analysis industry trend, 4 hot technology, you choose

In the ability to improve, Started the leader of the head of BAT, etc., opened Java, AI, Web, and CS, four major technology special:

? Java special:Java Development 3 years of annual salary 60W secret

? Ai special:High-paying AI algorithm engineer job hunting

WEB special:15 years ago, revealing "what hinders you into the big factory"

? CS special:Ali P7 solution "What is the value of R & D engineers"

Combined with industry trends, scientific prediction technology development direction, and analyze the relevant positional capacity models of the large factory.

Let you clearly understand future career development paths, GET big factory screens the resume sleeve, interview offer skill!


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In the qualifications, Qingbei Schoolgres School sisters will join hands with Baidu algorithm engineers to interpret the latest policies of computer postgraduate research, trend prospects.

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Q: What is the way to class?

Captive cell therapy test based on Bob Langer research is still terminated, the latest results will be issued next month

In July this year, Flagship Pioneering (FP) hatched package cell therapy Xinrui Sigilon Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: SGTX) received the US FDA notification, suspended its patients with moderate or severe hemophilia for moderate or severe hemophilia Clinical trials of I / II.

The discontinuation of this test was due to a "a common treatment complication" in a patient. Prior to this, SIGILON has submitted a serious adverse event (SAE) report to the FDA and other regulators and suspend registration processes.

SIGILON launched in 2017 Robert Langer and Daniel Anderson laboratory in MIT. It is reported that SIGILON is listed in Nasdaque in December last year, and the market value is once more than 1 billion US dollars. At present, the company’s market value is only $ 122 million. And after the price of $ 18 in 18 US dollars, SIGILON is only slightly above $ 3.5 after the price of $ 48.

Robert Langer and MIT Daniel Anderson Laboratory research results based on Moderna Important Behind: SIGILON established the SIGILDED LIVING Therapeutics? (SLTX) technology platform, the engineering cell package is implanted into the patient. Its technical purpose is to protect the influence of the cells from the human immune system and prevent side effects. Therefore, some investors expressed concern for the test caused by complications due to complications.

Recently, SIGILON announced that after a patient in clinical study of only three people reported a serious adverse incident, the patient received laparoscopic surgery specified by the researcher to remove the implanted sphere. After inspection, it was determined that the sphere placed in the patient was already fibrilized, and the cells in the sphere no longer have vitality.

The patient accepted the highest dose in three individuals receiving the treatment, and there was a factor VIII antibody after the spherical implantation, which may be the cause of the patient to face uncontrolled bleeding risks.

Although the company surveyed the patient’s fibrotic sphere, all three patients participating in the SIG-001 test will continue to follow up in accordance with the research agreement. These findings may have an impact on the time of Patients in the I / II clinical trial of the SIG-005 I-type Polycharant Storage (MPS-1).

"Guaranteed patient safety is our primary task, we are collecting information to understand these observations," said Dr. Rogerio Vivaldi, President and CEO of Sigilon, "We will work closely with FDA, other regulators and company consultants to determine these Observation results on our project. "

Figure | Color scanning electron micrograph of blood clots (Source: The New York Times)

Hemophilia is a hereditary disease due to the lack of certain coagulation factors in the blood. The main manifestation of this disease is that it is difficult for blood and blood, and traditional therapy is long-term infusion condensation factor VIII.

Sigilon developed SIG-001 Hemophilia Type Tytopathic, by encapsulating cells that produce coagulation factor VIII into a semi-permeable protective film and implanted into a patient, while producing Caggered Factor VIII (FVIII) Free from an immune system attack and prevent scar tissue around it.

The SIGILON product line is mainly for three types of disease treatment: rare blood disease, lysosome disease and endocrine and other chronic diseases. It is to be explained that SIG-001 is the only major candidate drug that the company enters the clinical stage. If the test cannot be recovered, then SIGILON’s main push line will become two lysosomes that are currently undergoing clinical test. therapy.

Figure SIGILON R & D line (Source: SIGILON)

It is still unclear whether treatment has led to this adverse reaction incident, and the company spokesperson Brandon Hagen refused to express comments after the press release. SIGILON said in its published message, the results will be reviewed and evaluated in the SIG-001 Security Review Committee on next month.



Bihui "The Innovative Application of Life Science Qihai Tracking Biotechnology" series audio program officially launched, we will take you to explore more interesting life science industry!

Core cloud semiconductor high-end integrated circuit test base, building a world-class integrated circuit test service base

Ji Web news, November 30, the financing ceremony of the Core Yun Semiconductor High-end integrated circuit test base was held in Zhuji’s Kiji Industrial Park.

Langxun Technology Message shows that the core cloud semiconductor high-end integrated circuit test base is committed to building a world-class integrated circuit test service base and an industrial service platform specially characterized by an integrated circuit.Next, the test base will enter the fine decoration stage, which is expected to achieve comprehensive completion in early 2022, formally put into operation.

It is reported that the core cloud semiconductor is invested by Hangzhou Langxun Technology Group Co., Ltd., providing wireless SOC, IOT, AI, 5G, MCU, PMIC and other product testing programs and mass production requirements, while providing Turkey services such as wafer processing and circuit packaging.(Proofreading / ice)

Artificial intelligence communication management promotes healthy China construction in the grassroots

Recently, the "Make Ai Medical Temperature – Medical Artificial Intelligent Ecological Summit", the Tianxiao Medical Intelligent Ecological Summit, hosted by Anhui Province Health and Health Committee, and the Medical Artificial Intelligence Ecological Summit, Zhu Xuewu, Vice President of the First Municipal People’s Hospital.Territories in the county medical community mode.Zhang Xuewu said that the Shou City People’s Hospital relying on the slow disease management system created by Xunfei Medical and Artificial Intelligence Technology, innovating the slow disease management model, forming a complete set of accurate operation and service system, effectively improved the people of the cityHypertension, management standards, and control reagent rates of medical affairs, and promote the sector of the community into the new stage.

Corporate and cure the new ecology of digital slow disease management

Traditional disease diagnosis and treatment models are "diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up" process, hospital and community medical personnel are the main executors of slow disease management, undertake prevention, health, medical, rehabilitation, health, health in slow disease Education and other work. In traditional slow disease management links, the key to management is still relying on "people." However, in the face of increasing patients with slow disease, "people" obviously cannot meet huge management needs, which greatly affects the management effect of existing medical institutions. Although the new technology is endless, most of them are still in the traditional slow disease management model, and there is no nature of the root of slow disease lies in the development of the patient’s health habits, and the fundamental pain still exists.

Specifically, in 2018, the Shou City People’s Hospital of the world covers approximately 500,000 people, nearly 73,000 people in the tube high blood pressure, high blood pressure follow-up mission up to 290,000 per year, public health and family physician signing service Work is facing huge pressure, high blood pressure focus patients cannot achieve personalized, refined management, high-frequency interaction needs of hypertension patients cannot be met. In the face of urgent high blood pressure slow disease management, the first municipal people’s hospitals in the world started from realistic, with the kinetic energy, with the kinetic reform, relying on "Digital Medical Community", creatively cut manual intelligence into high blood pressure management. Work, in the case of the Slow Patient Machine Association, the hierarchical management mode innovation is another way.

Human coordinates for slow disease management. Lead by the Shou City People’s Hospital, using a hierarchical (county rural layering) classification (mild critical grading) slow disease management model, through intelligent wearable hardware real-time collection accurate health data, complete simple high-frequency management through artificial intelligence Tasks, including automatic health status assessment and grading for residents, and provide targeted health intervention programs, assisting grassroots doctors conduct classification classification management, enhances slow disease management efficiency and effect.

It is worth mentioning that the family doctor in the first mode of the slow disease management is only necessary to manually manage high-risk patients with poor blood pressure control; for patients with good compliance, the ideal of blood pressure control, passed the automatic telephone to collect patients, Use information such as medication, food movement, and conduct regular health education. The management of most hypertension patients is automatically completed by the system. It is effective to compensate for the shortage of the current grassroots general practitioners, enhance the normative nature of slow disease management, can realize the grading diagnosis and treatment of slow disease management, improve patient compliance, decrease For the threshold of the doctor, optimize medical diagnosis, thus enhance the treatment effect, improve the efficiency of medical resources, and truly realize the fineness, homogenization and systemization of slow disease management.

Medical defense integration management. This mode uses "medical insurance funds" to provide supporting funds and solve the problem of initial intelligent hardware capital investment in the way, through the consecutive sinister management of human-machinery, reducing the overall hospitalization rate of patients with cerebrovascular disease in hypertension And fees, realizing the double decline in the family and medical burden, and adopted the integrated assessment management of human property, realizing the financial expenditure, the balance of medical insurance, the balance of medical insurance, and the resident health level increases the three-in-one benign circulation.

At present, the slow disease management system created by slow disease management data based on artificial intelligence + large data platform has been first achieved. Since 2018, the first municipal people’s hospital in the world has been put on more than 7,000 intelligent blood pressure. In August 2021, the blood pressure reached the blood pressure ratio of patients in the tube was 72%, and the AI ??assistant automatically intervened 1.93 million times, nearly 3 years high. The total residential rate of blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases continued to decline, greatly alleviating the burden of chronic disease management of grassroots health institutions, enhanced the health level and satisfaction of residents, gaining a good social benefit; at the same time 2020 intelligent management group The annual average health insurance fund consumption is significantly lower than that of the control group, and it has also shown huge economic benefits. In addition, the first human championship and slow disease coordinating model has also been certified by Anhui Medical Science Research Institute and the University of Anhui Medical Sciences, and the high blood pressure intelligent management effect is remarkable.

The first slow disease management model relying on the leading artificial intelligence technology of Xunfei, liberates the slow disease ecology of "people" management, helping the grassroots medical institutions that have insufficient medical resources to increase management efficiency, and inspire the main chronic disease management from Hospitals to family full chain, all-round development potential, in series, relatively cut medical service scenes, form a stable doctor-patient relationship chain, effectively realize slow disease management from traditional single offline to the hospital attractions The way to transition to the line on the line, alleviate the size of the slow disease management population, more demand, the patient’s compliance is poor and the number of people in the patient’s group, the management and energy is limited, and the management specification has the contradiction between management.

Pragmatic innovation to help residents’ healthy life quality

The health management process of slow disease is a continuous, long-term process, and has a lot of life in many slow patients and families. Slow disease management "The Same Model" is a truth of the trial of medical care in innovative medical treatment, and empowering grassroots medical treatment.

Xunfei Medical With "Ai Medical Assistant to Each Doctor, the AI ??Health Assistant for everyone" is a mission, exploring the artificial intelligent innovation point of slow disease management, based on the cut-in point of high blood pressure management, and management of medical manual intelligence and slow disease management The medical scene depth fusion, the monitoring, prevention and grading hierarchical management process of slow disease management, achieving value medical care, gradually exploring the "boundary sample" of a seminated and reproducible slow disease management. In the future, Xunfei medical treatment will be in realizing the innovation of artificial intelligence to enrollment grassroots medical, promoting grading diagnosis and treatment system, and further efforts to effectively, promote medical labor intelligence in the medical field to create more powerful potential energy, create more close medical nature and The scenario solution of patient needs, enabling artificial intelligence technology to help millions of doctors, serving hundreds of millions of residents, truly become "Ai Medical Assistant Assistant to Each Doctor and Ai Health Assistant for everyone", continuously promoting healthy China construction in the grassroots Effectiveness. (Liu Wei)

Most speaking people find that PLC is basically white, why?

Most people find that the learning of PLC is basically white, can’t write project procedures, why?

Many beginners have learned a long time PLC but still will not write project procedures. Some people have learned how to write a complete project program; some people spend time, spending costs The online training class is going to learn, still don’t learn, why?

The reason is as follows:

The first one: I’m self-study, many beginners usually learn is scattered, no system, can’t be a system! I saw a little here, I saw a little tomorrow, not to say this is not good, which is also a most effective way to accumulate basic knowledge. But our purpose is not to cultivate sentiment, if it is cultivating sentiment, this thing is not as good as lyric prose. We only have one for the purpose of PLC, which is to improve your work skills, improve your job position, improve your work salary, reduce your work strength, let your work have technical content. To achieve our expectation, you must use it! If you don’t do this, those things that spend time in front of you are zero, it’s better to see the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and there is still a big truth that people in people.

There is also the learning content itself has nothing to do with the project procedures. Some people have not done a project in their lives. I don’t know how the project is written. Holding the relay circuit breaker than teaching you how to write the program, the selected route is wrong, the result is natural To zero. Maybe you said that I don’t care, I am a scholar, this is another matter.

The second: looking for training courses, spending a big price and sacrifice the personal time to "professional" training class to learn a month, and always think that the bronze is changed to the king. After I got it, I found that I didn’t think about it. The money came back and found that I didn’t have any differences before, or I can’t live! I don’t have to go through the training institution and don’t understand the truth. Select training institutions to polish their eyes, and some automated training institutions will purchase my project procedures. I was surprised at the time, I thought for more than 10 years, known as the gold automated training institution, how to connect their own system project procedures? Do you want agency that he can train you? Has the program holding someone else? Some people have come to the training class, even a complete drawing, the complete project did not see, it is listening to others to read PPT, writing a few small procedures, that the result can be known. Before going to find it clearly, if you just explain the basic instructions, we can see the instruction manual. Now there are a lot of tutorials about explaining the instruction usage. We can learn while work, why not? Our purpose is to be able to do project procedures independently. It must be to learn to write a systematic, full architecture project procedure.

Third: Looking for a big god, there are not many procedures that can be fully absorbed by beginners. Those gods have used their big gods, and the procedures use complex logic, advanced languages, advanced algorithms, (special Except for the function of people, it is very powerful and high, but it is better to see what our beginners can’t see it. What is it used? It is the most simple instruction to achieve the most stable control with the simplest instructions, the easiest way, and is the most powerful procedure. What’s more, the big gods you don’t understand, you don’t understand.

Then the above three endings are the same, waste time, waste, bamboo basket, water. The effective purpose of our Learning PLC is actual application; the direction is also clear, that is, it is possible to do project procedures independently. Many people have seen the project procedure, but I don’t know how a set of project procedures wrote it. You see someone else’s procedures and yourself write it entirely two concepts. You look like very simple, really when you do it. After discovering that the hand is helpless, the phase difference is 100,000 thousand miles, one is the sky is on the ground. What is the most important thing for beginners to know is how a set of frame structures? If you know this formation process, it is very big for your learning help.

Our beginners are eager to be able to take care of hand, how did this project program are written? !

In view of this, I organize a group of teaching video, the player’s live explanation, the writing procedure is speaking, and it is a complete, full-featured, stable operational equipment program! Contains running commissioning! So don’t worry if there is a problem, there will be debugging the process behind! Moreover, it is true that I am using the model of the template framework in the actual work project, I am relieved to learn, definitely help! ! !

And strength! The world’s first, the world’s first, first time, Sun Yat-sen has

As a first-class, internationally renowned modern comprehensive university, Zhongshan University ranked first phalanx domestic universities, always keep in mind is the beginning of the heart Mandate Party Yucai country educating people, the pursuit of excellence, progressive class, to create a country and the whole the world’s many "first." Push this issue, Xiao Bian take you part of the initiative of the school year –

R & D led by the world’s first eye Video Intelligence Technology sieve diagnosis of liver and gallbladder disease

January 26 this year, in a medical artificial intelligence platform to support innovative multi-disciplinary cooperation of Zhongshan University, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center by the school (head of Lin Hao Tim) and the Third Affiliated Hospital (head of Zhongyue Si) co-led international multi-center research project, for the first time developed a video screen through the eyes of hepatobiliary disease diagnosis and evaluation of technical systems, published in the top international journal the Lancet Digital Health.

This research work has been highly praised domestic and foreign counterparts, the medical director of a large international well-known medical institutions from Mayo Medical Group (Mayo Clinic) and hepatobiliary chief expert Professor Vijay H Shah made a comment earlier praised "this timely study and important, innovative artificial intelligence technology to guide the cooperation of different disciplines, and produce a new era of medical technology. "

Construction of Xinjiang, China, the first national regional medical center

On May 13 this year, the People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the Sun Yat-sen University signed a joint agreement in Urumqi, and both parties will jointly build the first national regional medical center of Nanjiang (National Regional Medical Center).

The center will rely on the integrated strength of SMS University of Shengshan University and the advantages of clinical research, talent training, technical transformation, technical radiation, and management demonstration, and promotion, and promotion of the development of talent training, technical transformation, technology radiation and management demonstration. The improvement of medical service levels, protecting Xinjiang, especially the lives of all ethnic groups in Nanjiang, and health.

Domestic design is the largest, and the highest integrated science test of the highest performance.

On June 26th, Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. was officially delivered in Shanghai, and opened its marine science test. It is called "Marine Lab", Ocean Research Platform and Talent Cultivation Base, which is the "Sunshan University" of my country ‘s Ocean Comprehensive Science Exam. At 9 o’clock in the morning of November 21, "Sun Yat-sen University" is the assistance of two brief ships, and it is entered into Beach.

"Sun Yat-sen University" is currently the largest design of the ocean integrated scientific test in China, the most comprehensive scientific performance of the comprehensive science test, has multiple research functions such as detection, sampling, experiment, and has multiple "first" in China: first shot Full-swirling permanent magnetic low noise propeller, first mounted permanent magnet roller edge push and tunnel side push cover, first equipped with Di-generating row, energy storage battery, changed speed generator, first equipped with full speed initiative Watching and so on.

The world’s first example of "no ischemic" heart transplant success

On July 16 this year, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University held a press conference, officially announced the success of the world’s first "no ischemic" heart transplant surgery, this is the hospital’s first "no ischemic" organ transplantation technique in liver transplantation. After kidney transplantation, it is first applied to the field of heart transplantation. At the same time, the surgery achieved the whole process without interruption, the heart is not stopping.

At the world’s first "no ischemic" heart transplant press conference, Deputy Minister of the Original Ministry, Chinese Human Organ Donation and Huang Quan, Director of the Transplant Committee, sent a congratulations, he said that the Affiliated First Hospital has always been my country’s organ donation And the first army of transplantation, this heart transplant is successful, proves that the maturity and innovation of "no ischemic" organ transplantation technology, hopes to continue to make persistent efforts to China’s organ transplant technology to the world stage peak to make new Contribution.

Completion of the world’s first ophthalmology multi-disease artificial intelligence real world research

On July 27 this year, Lin Haotian, Lin Hao, Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center, Sun Yat-sen University, as the last corporate, team backbone Lin Wei, the acticor, as the first author, led the joint eagle AirdoC, Guangdong Medical and equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and other domestic and foreign health care , Enterprises and scientific research institutions have completed the world’s first ophthalmology multi-disease manual intelligence real world research, exploring the evaluation and supervision strategy before the clinical application of artificial intelligent medical equipment products, Research results "Application of Complication of Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Retinal Expert (CARE) SYSTEM : a National Real-World Evidence Study published in International Top Journals The Lancet Digital Health.

The World Authority of the Top Ten Top Ten Research Universities in the United States, the World Authoritative Image Diagnostic Center, director of the Wisconsin University, Rating this work as "marking the correct development direction of medical artificial intelligence research." The project team already has a series of technical patents and obtained the first ophthalmological intelligent software III medical device product registration certificate issued by the National Drug Administration.

Carry out the first line of immunotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in international multi-center

In August of this year, the International Top Academic Journal "Nature – Medicine" published Xu Ruihua, a Professor of Xu Ruihua, a Cancer Prevention Center of Sun Yat-sen University, a second-line treatment of transduction or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma III period (Jupiter- 02 Research) The latest research results.

The Jupiter-02 study by Professor Xu Ruihua is currently the most common type of nasopharyngeal carcinoma immunotherapy at the global sample size. This is the first international multi-center, random, double blind, placebo-controlled recurrence / metastasis. Clinical study. In recent years, Professor Xu Ruihua has long been scientifically scientifically on a long time around recurrence or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma. New research is expected to change the clinical practice of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and have received wide concern academic community.

my country’s first national spatial gravitational wave detection research institution was established

On September 26th, the National Aerospace Bureau was established at the Zhuhai Campus Tianqin Center, the Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University. This is the first national spatial gravory wave detection research institution in China. The center was founded by the National Aerospace Bureau, relying on the construction and operation of Sun Yat-sen University. Sun Yat-sen University ushered in a heavyweight "national brand plaque".

The National Aerospace Bureau will focus on significant strategic needs in the field of national space sectors, based on the solid research foundation in the field of gravitational experiments and gravitation wave detection, system development of gravitational wave front, development series test satellite platform and detection load technology, organize domestic power Together, my country’s space gravitational wave detection, accelerate basic research innovation and strategic technological innovation in the field of space and technology, and create favorable conditions and resources for my country’s development of international frontier science and technology.

Thick people’s national conditions, bear the national mission, Zhongshan University concentrated power to solve the research problem of "card neck", help Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao District Science and Technology Innovation Center construction, service national innovation and driving development strategy, contribute to the strength of Science and Technology!

Some material sources: Sun Yat-sen News Network, Zhongshan University official micro

1.7 billion yuan, China TOP 6 smart transportation management application solution market share: thousands of technology, Yinjiang shares, Hisense network, central control information, Yi Huadi, Elect

On November 26, 2021, IDC released the "Smart Transport Management Application Level Solution Market Share, 2020" report, the total market is 1.7 billion yuan, main players are still based on players in the field of traditional traffic information.

Among them, the domestic industry digital solutions and large data service providers have dominated by 17% of the city and accounting;

Focusing on the Yinjiang shares operated with the city brain ranks second;

Hisense Network, a traffic control cloud brain solution built around the cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence as the core, accounting for nearly 10% of market share, ranking third.

IDC Chinese Government Industry and Smart City Research Group Research Manager Zhan Mei said: "In the smart transportation management application level solution market of urban roads in China, traditional transportation information technology leading companies still dominates. But with the development of geographic information technology Mature, traffic on space information is gradually expanded, and companies with map data processing and services can also be divided into a cup, and are constantly expanding the market boundary. On the other hand, the road coordination, intelligent network, cloud computing and other technologies Constantly evolving, there is a great improvement of information perception and data analysis in the field of smart transportation, which is also the biggest market opportunity in the future. "

Is Xiaomi 12 far away? Online spy photos exposure, Snapdragon 898?

Said, the recent mobile phone circle is also quiet. As a small rice in the topic, it has begun to low-profile. Since the release of the red rice Note11 series last month, there is no new machine release, on the occasion of the two 12 It’s still so silent, it seems to be a small meter style.

At this time, OPPO quietly brought home Reno series iterative new reno 7. This release new machine has not been avoided too fast, and the time released by the previous generation of products is only half a year ago, two generations of mobile phones seem to Become a tacit understanding of many mobile phone manufacturers, such as the previous red rice Note series, and the upcoming glory digital series, it is estimated that they are preparing to compete for the market.

Recently, the new flagship processor that has already begun out of the Snapdragon’s new flagship processor. As a mobile phone manufacturer of the Snapdragon flagship processor, the mobile phone series, Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi digital series flagship, will also start surface, That is, it is quite expected Xiaomi 12 series.

At present, there are two related rendering pictures or spy photos exposures on Xiaomi 12 online:

One is the spy photos of Xiaomi 12 Ultra, and the rear uses a large camera module, accounting for almost half of the back of the phone, which makes obsessive-compulsive disorder are a bit anxious, but also show 120 times longer focus words. And also printed with the words "NASA", this is not meant to shoot space? The design continues, but the change is also very large, canceled the secondary screen, gives more positions to the camera module, the credibility does not seem high. User comments, this is a mobile phone installed on the camera.

Second, the second is the rendering map of Xiaomi 12 series. From the exposed picture, Xiaomi 12 series is designed to maintain a similar style, but from the rendering map or see the difference in design, the most obvious is millet 12 Ultra’s secondary screen area seems to be large, almost five-five open, so that the role of the secondary screen is even greater, the credibility seems to be higher.

In contrast, the second group seems to have a higher credibility, and such a design will be a representative of the millet digital series. Such millet mobile phones will be more recognized, and the configuration is not unexpected. It is the ceiling of the Android phone, the most critical. Of course, about Xiaomi 12 is actually more concerned about the optimization of the system. After all, Xiaomi 11 series is a "system" loss. What do you think?

Are you expected to release the Xiaomi 12 Series?

1 day sell 73,000 pieces, how to rise in the face and explode?

Weekly TOP2 "whiten mask", a total of 34.2W single last week, the live sales volume of this item accounts for 100%, and only 1 hot exclusive person is a live broadcast that drives the sales of goods?

In the "whiten mask" nearly 30 days, the sales volume reached 130,000, of which the sales of high sales came from the "1-meter film buoyancy directly grabbed" released by the master’s "best actor", estimated sales of 63,000 sales, sales of 2.51,000.

The live broadcast also has a variety of masks. This "whiten mask" explains more than 17 hours, more than 90% of the time is explaining this product, indicating that this is the main community. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the single product is fast and explosive, the master "best actor" has also passed through the live broadcast of 150,000 in the nearly 30 days, then what is the live broadcast, it can make the trumpet can quickly suck the powder and bring the goods ?

On-site packing mask form, stimulating explosion

Check out the recent live broadcast, found that the live broadcast between the product whitening spots, the live broadcast scene is mainly the form of on-site packaging. After shooting a few boxes in the public block message, the anchor will pack it according to the number of boxes, and read the ID and quantity of the purchase of users in real time. For example, "User XXX 3 box package shipments" "User XXX 5 box package delivery", and Pack the goods directly.

In this way, the live broadcast of the package is in the form of a broadcaster who is unwilling to look, not only can directly show the product, but also packages through the site, the user has more expensive delivery, stimulating the user’s passion.

Comparative retail price, highlight live promotions, let users feel cheap

In the live broadcast, the retail price of 268 yuan displayed on the show is displayed, and the comparison can highlight the super high preferential strength of 3.98 yuan in the live broadcast; at the same time, the swings of the bulk between the bulk between the lives are mostly "five boxes" "ten boxes", It is very good to stimulate users to buy multiple items and improve live GMV.

Especially with the arrival of autumn and winter, people have increased the demand for moisturizing, the consumption demand such as mask, emulsions, and the recent follow-up of such goods.

So, how do we find the promotion of the "mask" potential live broadcast?

Potential broadcast master single GMV over 2 million, skin care preheating video precision drainage

Related merchandise, goods data, broadcast master information, live information, and audience portrait screening, see the live hot sale, synchronous comparison live online number, sales, etc.

Skin care video preheating, draining audience more accurate

At the same time, we see the "Source of Live Traffic] It can be seen that with the increase of live time, video promotion has gradually improved, and finally 46% of the audience comes from video drainage, and the drainage exceeds 56,000.

So what is the video to the live broadcast?

We have viewed a few videos with high exposure during the live broadcast. It is mainly based on skin care dry goods. Most of the foreword is "I like …"

At the same time, nearly half of the live broadcasts are over 41 years old, and they are the audience of anti-aging products. It can be seen that the audience of video drafting into live broadcast is very precise, so the bulk transfer is high, the sales conversion rate is as high as 4.28%.

Unique robot CEO Wang Guangneng: Robot and artificial intelligence combine, is the development direction of the robot | 2021 WISE Yuan Universe · Robot Summit

Since 2021, the robotic track has been popular with capital. There are 299 robot projects that have been financing in the first 10 months, of which 253 are concentrated in c rounds, and the financing of 79 projects is above billion yuan.

The sky-eye check data also shows that this new robot related enterprise has exceeded 100,000. Up to now, there are more than 320,000 robots related companies (enterprise names or business ranges). In the region, there are more than 70,000 related companies in Guangdong Province, accounting for 22.02%. It is the second in Jiangsu nearly 2 times.

Therefore, in this industry and capital double background, 36 was held in Shenzhen on November 25 in Shenzhen. The summit invited many investors, scientists, scholars, outstanding entrepreneurs and related practitioners to discuss new trends in the industry, and how to make technology into the public in the new environment. The guests include the Chinese Academy of Engineering Tan Jianrong, Dashamith, Ministry, Guan Chi, General Manager, General Manager of Lan Chi, Alibaba Bada Human Voice Laboratory Researcher, Gaoxian Robot founder and CEO Cheng Haotian, big robot CEO Wang Guangneng, the founder of the future robot, Li Luyang, the executive president of Yunhara Technology and CTO Lin Xiaojun and other guests.

At the summit, the generic CEO King Guangneng believes that combined with artificial intelligence technology, you can make the robot to understand the environment and interact with the environment, and make everyone useful to use it very easily. It is an important direction for the development of the robot.

The following is the "Edited) of Wang Guangneng Speech (edited):

What is the big robot? Summarize a sentence,Use robot technology to serve. At present, the big economy willNearly 400 people, more than half of them are engineers, and members come from more than 20 countries.. We have set up a double headquarters in China and Germany, mainly producing in Shenzhen.But later in Foshan, establish a production base for 15,000 units.

Now, the market has appeared in many kinds of robots, more typical as URs, there are several domestic, while the big robots have certain differentiation. For example, six-axis collaboration robot, in terms of various performance, such asIntelligence,Precision,Safety protection levelWait, excellent performance, these indicators are at a high level in the industry.

But in the past two years, there have been many companies in collaborative robots, and there are almost over 130 in the world. Observing these robots will find a common feature: relative to traditional industrial robots, they just step forward, this short step is to make robots better and safer. But in fact, this is not the ultimate morphology of the robot, and the robot should develop in the intelligent direction. So we believe that combined with artificial intelligence technology, we can let the robots perceive the environment and interact with the environment, and can make everyone use it very easily. This is an important direction for the development of the robot industry.

So our philosophy is that the robot can sense the environment and interact with the environment. The most important thing is that it can make more people to use, operate, such as the clerk of the company’s front desk, and the production workers can operate, and it is best to be able to industrial production lines. Let it work. Instead, like traditional industrial robots, engineers who need trained can be used by programming.

So we develop third-generation collaborative robot – Maira,It is a robot combined with artificial intelligence. In March this year, we have released many international awards, such as the Red Point Award, 2021 European Product Design Award, German Innovation Award. As our third-generation robot, Maira has a very high hard indicator, because as a seven-axis robot arm, its own indicator foundation is very good, including load capacity, arm exhibition, and some improvement robots on the market. . In terms of freedom,The third generation robot is upgraded to seven degrees of freedom.

At the same time, we have developed some of the internal core components, including motors, encoders, can be achieved with 1.4 m arm exhibitions in collaboration robots, and the repeated positioning accuracy reaches 6 to 10 microns, which is the highest level in the industry. It takes a lot of efforts to achieve this level, including sensors, structures, real-time control, and model-based control.

In addition, the speed of MAIRA can reach 4.5 meters per second. We also have a lot of interfaces, and even 3 airways are in it. A 6-dimensional force sensor is added, and the accuracy of force can reach 0.1 Newton.

The collaborative robot is to be safe, so it will not be high. So how do we solve safety? Most of the collaborative robots on the market are now stopped from being stopped, and avoid harm to operators. So we joined the sensor to let the robots understand the environment.Perceived the action of people within 3 meters around.Just like an automatic driving car, you can perceive the surrounding situation in advance.So this is a more advanced security measures that can surpass the current collaboration robot.

In terms of operation, people don’t need to touch directly. When no one is no, it can move normally. When someone can feel people, it doesn’t need you to stop in the future. Even you suddenly intervene, it can also feel and avoid actions.

What’s more interesting is that a very important factor that makes the machine’s smart is visual. After the robot visual, it can do a lot, a basic function is that it can scan the surrounding environment, including the operator, table, table, objects that can be captured, etc., can be scanned. And in its system, the three-dimensional model is built and do it in the virtual environment.

After the robot comes with 3D visual, there is no need to add additional visual, and its own visual is enough to understand the environment and can operate. Like this video, various forms, various hardness objects, it can be captured. And things that are randomly thrown, it can also be identified, which is the benefits of visual and artificial intelligence.

In industrial, welding, grinding, dispensing, etc., requires a very complex robot programming, after robotic visual and artificial intelligence, allowing the entire program to make it very simple. Our philosophy is to let people and robots communicate directly.

Let’s make the mechanical arm that can do industrial.And let speech control it, ie voice recognition. In the first half of our Demo, it is basically a semantic understanding. We also integrate six-dimensional tactile sensors that allow the robot to operate very accurately.

In fact, after collaboration robots are used with artificial intelligence, they can apply in very many fields. Like traditional industrial automation workshops, logistics industry, automotive production workshops, medical automation laboratories, machine tool processing workshops, and even in the field of medical, surgery, and rehabilitation.

And intelligence, it can avoid complex programming. We believe that the future robots can develop like a smart, even the body is likely to be closer.